Yes, it has failed in many instences. Is the Internet a force for good or ill in society? Technology will increasingly allow people to work from home. Can terrorism ever be eradicated? Is China a better role model for the world than America?

To what extent is the commercialisation of sport a positive trend? April 24, at 3: Why should we be concerned with current affairs when most of them will soon be forgotten? Discuss the consequences of such a trend. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Carter Is this true? How far do you agree that health is the responsibility of the State, not of the individual?

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D, despite the UN peacekeeping force present, Sebian soldiers entered the camp, sns Bosiak women and murdering freely while the Dutch peacekeepers did nothing. Thirdly, pay attention to past assumptions that are failing.

Fans around the world were waiting with bated breath, in eager expectation of the release of the latest Star Wars movie premiering earlier this week. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

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Have we gone too far with animal rights? How far is this true in your country? Consider the view that imposing international sanctions on a country is usually ineffective.


Describe and justify your philosophy of life. Comment on the view that traditional businesses have no future in your society. Yes, it has failed in many instences.

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Does hard work really pay off? How far is modern consumerism a threat to the environment? Can prejudice ever be eliminated?

Coming up with quality examples for them can be challenging. I have joined your rss feed and look ahead to in quest of more of your excellent post. Candidates can bring up the issue of environmental degradation in one paragraph, and social issues like growing income inequality eszay another. Is an arts education becoming irrelevant in your society?

Is History anything more than the study of warfare? Consider the argument that the main purpose of television should be to educate rather than simply to entertain. Is it true that environmentalism is a luxury few can afford? Should meritocracy be rejected? Do the arts have a future in Singapore? You are exsay using your Twitter account. November 17, at 2: How effective are international efforts to ease the problem of hunger?


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It portrayed United Nation ,nation-building efforts to those of the United States. To what extent does technology enhance the arts? To what extent are the modern mass media creating a truly informed world? Pure reliance on a legal system to police a state is not always effective The wns of value systems and the emphasis of traditions can become an educational tool that helps to breed pro-social behaviour in society, aiding the government in maintaining order.

How far do you agree with the view that gender equality remains as a distant dream? However, it has alsoe extipated the problem and disputes of the world. Evaluate the claim that equality of opportunity for females is a desirable, but unrealistic, goal. Discuss the question with reference to your country.