RoF employs remote working inside the buildings, where normally the walls are a cause for high signal losses when a system operates with large cells. I owe great thank to my wife, for her support, understanding and patience during all these years. The optical fibre can be seen as an ideal transmission medium, due to low interference, minimal transmission loss, and broad bandwidth capacity. The results and discussions included link utilization of. The number of mobile subscribers is increasing continuously and at the same time the amount of energy consumption.

There are two general categories of optical fibres: MMFs have a large core diameter ranging from 50 up to mm. AAA is the same with. Furthermore, the cables are expensive, afford strong mechanical support, due to their heaviness, and are regarded as one of the main causes for mechanical problems in base stations. A look into the history of human communication reveals that the earliest optical communications systems consisted of fire or smoke signals along the Great Wall of China. One research focus is the reduction of the power consumption of WiMAX and LTE central and base station by utilising fibre optic technology particularly, RoF, for a transmission range of more than km.

BRAS are full-loaded configuration with the processing capabil- ity of not less thanlines. CN Figure 9.

10 Gigabit-capable Passive Optical Network Transmission Convergence kerroksen suunnittelu

If we consider that the cost of transmitting traffic. Use of passive optical networks is very advantageous in.

gpon master thesis

OLT will be deployed in each central office and the. The total available bit rate for the segment Seg k is the.

VICOROB – Gerard Pons

Prentice Hall,pp. The GPON system obtains the ability to deliver extremely high bit rates. The all-around presence of wireless communication links combined with functions that support mobility will make a roaming person-bound communication network possible in the near future.


Though a complete list of projects done so far would be irrelevant see LinkedInhere is a selected list of projects that were sucessfully completed: As this thesis considers masteg approach of green radio communication, the important question of high-energy consumption has to be solved, because most power is used for temperature regulation of the laser element in fibre optic networks.

The high-power radiating base station antenna is replaced by a divided antenna system connected to the base station via optical fibre [11]. As the RoF system is considered the future network technology, it has on one hand the capacity to meet the demands for decreasing electromagnetic smoking, wireless traffic, power, noise, cost, and antenna size and, on the other hand, to increase frequency bandwidth, data rate and capacity and eventually improves the spectral efficiency.

Two topologies are used as shown in Figure 1ring. If the angle of incidence increases, as to be seen in Figure c, the light beam will be reflected fully and will not enter the second medium [14]. hpon

gpon master thesis

The research in this programme is the responsibility of an integrated research team from five different universities in the UK [8] with the ambitious aim, to identify innovative methods to achieve a fold reduction in the total energy consumption used to operate radio access networks.

Mitschke, Fiber Optics Physics and Technology. After some algebraic manipulations, the optimal ca. To improve the transmission via RoF and extend the transmission distance, four different simulation setups for green radio solutions are described and their results, focussing on the power consumption, are discussed. The data traffic in telecommunication networks has been growing tremendously over recent years, and experts predict accelerating data volumes from today three Exabyte a year to ninety Exabyte per year bywhere an Exabyte is equal to one million terabytes [1].

I would like to thank my son and my daughter, who allowed me to spend endless hours in front of the laptop instead of being with them.


Green Radio Communication Networks Applying Radio-over-Fibre Technology for Wireless Access

Compared to MMF, SMF obtains lower loss and eliminates intermodal dispersion and is, thus, applied in high-speed data rate channels over long distances. This is an important fact for optical tehsis, because the optical signal is not purely monochromatic. The utilization affects directly the segmentation need in an optical network and this ef- fect on the total network cost [8].

Figure 7 shows the relationship between. Publish now – it’s free. Implemented RX design in C.

BRAS will take the whole service. One benefit was lower costs for installation and maintenance due to the greater repeater spacing of 10 km, compared to the coax systems. The ability to reflect light is determined by the composition of the cladding relative to the core glass.

The simulation results show the increase of the signal transmission area to km also the improvement of OSNR and the signal attenuation. The overall aim of this research project was to simulate the transmission of wireless and baseband RF signals via fibre for a long distance in high quality, consuming a low-power budget.

Though a complete list of projects done so far would be irrelevant see LinkedInhere is a selected list of projects that were sucessfully completed:. The wireless system operates with large cells, which provide high mobility, but for the cost of poor spectrum efficiency and high-power consumption. Additionally, it is easier to connect to transceiver modules than SMF, which is more cost-effective.

gpon master thesis