Which would be processed faster? Do not ask for permission to edit this document. I have the case number which was sent via text to my phone. Did you get answer of this question? So, its perfectly fine to fill with pen.

Both I and my wife h4 got our visas stamped during last India trip and we happened to renew our passports during the same trip. Thanks to Babu for taking time to answer and letting us share it with our readers! Will they reject the form? You can apply for next year quota that starts from April 1st of Does that happen to you as well? This is what the company sends to your spouse and would have been used by your spouse to get L1 visa stamping.

h4 ead uscis cover letter

Do we need I copy of both? Hi, Anyone submitted I form after feb 28 ?

h4 ead uscis cover letter

Hi, I just wanted to know that can h4 visa holder will be lettter to work in usa,nd if its so then what would be the formality. The instructions say you need to supply:. Thanks to Babu for taking time to answer and letting us share it with our readers!

USCIS Sample Application Withdrawal Letter

I was told that if my wife enters USA after the approval of my H1 B extension, her i94 date would be based on this new petition which would be approved next week and not on the H4 visa stamped validity date rad 25th August Approximately how many days it took for the approval? I believe I did not get an RFE due to all the documents mentioned here was sufficient. I have the case number which was sent via text to my phone.


If you do e-filing, you would have to send your docs by regular mail later.

I have mentioned the category a as I was working as a software developer. Shrikant patil, Yes, submit I copy of both H-1 and H-4 visa holder. Is there any specific size? The application was filed using the below set of documents. You can travel while H4 EAD is pending. Thanks a lot, Nehal!! It is recommended to send the receipt copy. Please call me I also have related questions.

Hi Kumar, Lettwr for the reply, what is the L1 approval notice. You can do it yourself but if you are not comfortable then get an attorney. It is not explicit, so maybe confusing. Can any of you who had already applied tell me if you have written anything like A- number and your name on the documents attached? I am on h4 visa. Can you suggest what can be done to get H4 approval copy?


h4 ead uscis cover letter

Lettter will help it trace your file. Will I be able to use it when i come back again? And my question is that my Perm and I has been filed with my old address.

Do NOT write hate speech, swear words, or get into fight. The photos must be in color with a full face, frontal view, on a white to off-white background. Yet to receive any further communication apart from receipt acceptance notice in Jan Hi Anil, I have done h1b transfer from some company ,they Got RFE on APR 1st, they are giving replyi needs to be done by may endif they are not given reply by that timewhat will happendwill it impact on my next h1b transfer?

Can we apply for H4 EAD based on the receipt? Do you know what service center handled yours?

EAD for H4 Filing Experience – Check List, Covering Letter, How to Guide

I have planing to visit him, so what should i do to get visa L2? My employer just provided that one page. You can download that.