Back up your claims with facts and numbers. This is becoming more common now that online applications can easily pull information from LinkedIn and customize questions for the job. Then describe how your experience and knowledge will contribute to the success of the project. You already have insider knowledge to share. If the company has a more casual culture, you can use only the first name: Related Hospitality Career Articles:

Hotel and restaurant hiring managers are busy. Show you’re right for the job Read over the job description for the role you’re applying for, and search for the three or four main ideas. Don’t jump back and forth between writing about different past positions, because that might be difficult for the hiring manager to follow. Why not list the requirements down the left side and match your qualifications to the right? The cover letter provides the highlights, while the resume adds more comprehensive details.

Then make the case that you are the best person for the job. If so, what should it say? Don’t expect to fit in everything on your resume; the cover letter shouldn’t be a word-for-word repeat of your work history. Finish discussing your first example before moving on to the second, and so on. For example, you could say, “I’m looking forward to talking to you and learning more about the opportunity.

This is your call to action. If your cover letter emphasizes technical qualifications or revenue figures, add an example of a time you collaborated with someone, mentored someone, or guided a team. Sarah Brodsky Jan 24, Here are some ideas that may help you stand out from the crowd and get that coveted interview spot. Toggle navigation Toggle search. This is where you can describe how your experience and qualifications make you the ideal candidate for the job.


Address your letter to a specific person Begin your letter with “Dear” followed by the hiring manager’s title and last name, such as, “Dear Ms.

How many resulted in interviews? They also want to get to know your personality and passion for the industry. You can also leave off any personal information as well as any questions about salary, vacation or benefits.

hcareers cover letter

Then, add a few sentences to your cover letter describing how your experiences relate to those main points in the job description. Follow this easy formula every time 10 cover letter mistakes that will cost you the job How to write a great cover letter when you work in hospitality. Keep it brief and to the point. Before you send your email cover letter to any hiring manager, read your subject line and review the body of the email two or even three times.

By all means, keep it short: This is all about giving the hiring manager a compelling reason to invite you to interview.

How to Write an Unforgettable Cover Letter

You may want to organize the examples from your experience in either chronological or reverse chronological order so that there’s a logical progression to your letter.

Toggle navigation Toggle search. For example, if you’re applying for a concierge position, you could say that your experience as a front desk attendant has prepared you to understand guests’ needs and coordinate services for them. A cover letter copied from the Internet—even one written for the hospitality industry—is never going to impress lettter.


Some people like hcarers idea of creating a table that lists 3 — 5 of the job requirements on the left and match those with your own examples on the right. Please call me to set up an interview.

hcareers cover letter

Bullet points work well here, as does detailing your most significant accomplishments. Start off with a story.

Foolproof cover letter template for your hotel job application

Do you need a cover letter for hospitality jobs? The Fourth Paragraph Hotel employers are interested in more than just your technical skills, educational background and the impact you can make on their bottom line. The generally accepted format suggests you keep the letter short and concise, using a clear heading, proper salutation, three paragraphs and a closing.

Consider a different medium … instead of a paper letter, maybe you send an emailed video. The tone should be respectful and professional—similar to the way you might speak to a supervisor at work, rather than the way you speak to friends.

Deb Ward Oct 18, Then, mention the next step in the process. covet