Blaine gets the chicken pox Glee – Rated: K – English – Family – Chapters: I like feeling useful. Didn’t Kurt say the Warblers usually went to all their performances alone? He wanted people to stop worrying and for everything to just be normal again. I’ll Ne’er Trust Medicine – Rainjoy’s writings.

But he can’t get him to drink. Blaine gets the chicken pox. Fragmented by PenMagic reviews Blaine’s world is turned upside down when he is diagnosed with Leukemia. The voice paused for a moment, a hand slid across his back, rubbing gently, then the song started again. Blaine willed the rolling in his stomach to subside, and quietly slipped out of the basement doorway and into the kitchen. But, they get a little for then they bargained for when their surrogate, Sara gets pregnant with sextuplets.

I love this verse so much. God, the world should pity the person who needs Blaine.

homework flu glee fanfic

He couldn’t even think of his best friends without resenting them for staying there afnfic what had happened to him. Because seriously, it’s YOU! Sent Home reviews Prompt: He took a deep breath, hopeful that his traitorous stomach was done for the moment, and leaned back on his heels.

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He found Blaine sitting gllee their bed with his laptop on his lap surrounded by tons of papers. That’s where Blaine Anderson, struggling musician become nanny, comes in. From the moment he was born, she knew she had to protect him.

Carole patted him gently on the back.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

He wandered into the living room, where he found Blaine asleep sitting at the kitchen table, his papers still surrounding him. I can so relate to Kurt. K – English – Supernatural – Chapters: Hard Lines by adiwriting reviews Blaine’s elaborate plans for the “best senior year ever” get brought to a halt when he discovers that the headaches he’s been having, aren’t really headaches at all and all of his strange behavior lately, including cheating on Kurt, can all blamed on one thing — there’s a tumor growing inside of his brain that’s doing it’s best to kill him.


Oh, and don’t even act like you didn’t go through it too. The overall ‘verse deals with the aftermath of rape, but there are only vague references in this story. Making it just in time to get the seat up before he started retching.

Everything looked fuzzy and he had to hold onto the wall to keep from falling over. It’s been so long since you posted anything that I was almost convinced that you were just my imagination.

homwwork Taking care of Blaine made him feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Kurt was convinced that no class had ever lasted as long as the one that he was sitting in right now. His eyes burn and won’t properly open, the person holding his face is a dark fuzz but he knows it’s Blaine; of course it’s Blaine; he knows Blaine even through the sandstorm of words words words scouring his skin.

A Mending of the Tears – Pre-Kurt/Blaine – Fingers To Words

I’m proud to be with you. Set in my “Crossroads” verse – so check that story out too!


Klaine; Kurt and Blaine get into a bit of trouble when they’re snowed in at Dalton all alone just before Holiday Break: When Tara can’t protect him anymore, some one else has to step in. That a writer of your caliber and fandom-fame likes my work is one of the best compliments I could get. Kurt, meanwhile, went and called him out ganfic class. Didn’t Kurt say the Warblers usually went to all their performances alone?

Plus, I needed jomework some awesome!

Sue notices bruises on Blaine at Cheerios practice one day. She doesn’t get nearly enough love.

homework flu glee fanfic

If all Kurt got from Blaine was friendship, Kurt would be okay with that, because Blaine was amazing, and Blaine trusted him, and needed him. And Kurt’s entire thought process on words reminds me of this extremeley lovely piece: The Beginning of the End reviews Kurt and Blaine Anderson Hummel hoped that because their two children Gabriel and Brooklyn weren’t babies anymore that the stress in their lives would go down, but boy where they wrong. Anything left over he spends on stage, but Blaine comes first.

homework flu glee fanfic

There you go, good as new.