Enterprise Architecture, Web 2. A total mark of four was awarded for this response. To provide sufficient evidence of their work learners are required to complete and submit evidence for the following four tasks. The candidate then correctly identified that being the sole decision maker can also be a disadvantage. It is unlikely that an attempt will have been made to apply relevant terminology or theory. It is expected that these statements will itemise details such as: Requirements of the syllabus Learners looking to achieve a mark in the higher mark bands would be expected to identify relevant points both positive and negative issues and be able to develop the points made in suitable detail.

Carrying out the Enterprise project or activity The candidate showed strong knowledge of the purpose of writing a business plan. A maximum of nine marks was available for a one-sided evaluation and this candidate was awarded a mark of ten. A mark of zero should be awarded for non-creditworthy responses. Having selected government grants as the most suitable method the candidate explained why the other sources of finance would not be suitable for a new enterprise.

The following layout gives an example of how this might be done, although learners should be encouraged to produce their own, individual evaluations. Ccoursework will therefore be limited in Task 4 to evaluation of two of the remaining three elements; finance, marketing communication and planning and implementation of the project. At this level there are likely to be few, if any, errors or gaps in the evidence collected.

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Success criteria for every kind of question students might enc Terms of mobile photography business plan Privacy guidelines Advertise coursework us About us Contact us Work for us Help. Two marks were awarded for the response.

Each example should be assigned to a mark band enterpriwe lastly, a mark should be decided. Both marks were awarded. Neither of these points were fully explained. University of Cambridge International Examinations sends a computer-printed Coursework mark sheet MS1 to each Centre in late March for the June examination and in early October for the November examination showing the names and index numbers of each candidate.


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igcze For complaints, use another form. An experienced and senior member of staff must take responsibility for ensuring that marking has been carried out consistently and to the required standard by all assessors in the Centre. Below is a list of what teachers can and cannot do when guiding learners on aspects of the coursework.

Enter an MLS Number:. Unfortunately the application was brief and the candidate did not give examples of appropriate business language to add detail to the discussion. The presentation of the work may be poor, showing little understanding of what is required.

igcse enterprise coursework exemplar

The candidate explained how parents had supported the enterprise and the importance of that support was clearly explained. Finance Wnterprise evaluation of how well finances were managed, including the suitability of the methods of finance used, the way income and expenditure were managed and monitored and the extent to which the enterprise achieved its financial aims.

The candidate produced a list of reasons why bank loans and overdrafts might be a problem for this enterprise but there was no explanation of the suitability of the methods to purchase a computer and printer.

A one-sided answer or weak discussion could gain no more than nine marks but this candidate provided a thorough discussion.

Developing and writing learning objectives. Anyone enterprise the link can view. The points are not fully developed to explain the importance of cash flow in ensuring the survival of an enterprise coursrwork therefore the answer lacks discussion.

To be rewarded for this answer the candidate would need to clarify how the radio would be used to communicate with customers e.

igcse enterprise coursework exemplar

From examination this syllabus will no longer be regulated by entrrprise qualifications and examinations regulators in England, Coursework and Northern Ireland. The written explanation should also include the outcome of the negotiation.


A decision was made on the source of finance to be selected, a loan, and there was some attempt to link this to the case study. Learners should be encouraged to practise their presentation to ensure that it is fit for the audience chosen and that they are confident in their delivery of the material.

Learners study music of all styles; each style is placed in its historical and cultural context, and they are encouraged to be perceptive, sensitive and critical when listening.

Teachers are expected to: Once all the marking is complete, your Coordinator will need to check that that standard has been consistently maintained and so will need to sample the work of each teacher, this is called internal moderation.

Undertaking enterrise completing an Enterprise activity in this way, allows learners to fully appreciate the knowledge and skills required to be a successful entrepreneur and elicits a broader and deeper understanding of the syllabus content over all. To gain marks in this task however, some use of relevant business concepts and terminology should entedprise evident.

The second disadvantage repeats the idea that the entrepreneur is responsible for all actions. Coursework Guidelines for Teachers.

igcse enterprise coursework exemplar

Complete the information at the head of the form. This was awarded one mark.

Cambridge Igxse Enterprise 25 Cambridge IGCSE Enterprise When evaluating the outcome of the project or activity, teachers should bear in mind that assessment does not focus on how successful the enterprise was, but on how learners have used evidence to form the basis of analysis and evaluation regarding the outcome.