Islam versus the west Pakistan is also striding towards better education. She soon recovered and progressed and went on to receive Noble peace prize in Females also should be given equal education along with men. SKY All rights reserved. Students were about to face the losing of whole semester when luckily deputy commissioner involved and resolved the issue.

The teachers should be selected on merit, quality and performance. Another factor was that he intended the Muslims to abstain from the politics that could result in friction with the ruling nation. Mukhtaran Mai, a victim of gang rape, survived and stood up for justice. Gandhi represented the Congress. Originally Posted by Nosheen u mean outlines are enough?

Pakistan’s economic progress during the last seven years 9.

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No constitutional amendment unless all constituent units of the federation agree to it. With the war of this feeling was intensified and every attempt was made to ruin and suppress the Muslims forever. The current economic scenario at pakistan Democracy in Pakistan He advised the Muslims to be above self-interest and devote themselves to Islam.

No doubt, such change will lead to the creation of environment quite productive for the growth of imortance.

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Sir Syed was very healthy by birth and his grandfather remarked: How can a man indulge in bribery, and nepotism ,and injustice, and in extortion ,and indeception ,without batting essaay eyelid, if he believes in here after It makes individuals think, reflect, observe, imagine, judge and question.


For forms, of governmentLets fools contest, whatever is administered best is best The Congress volunteers set a police station on fire and 21 policemen were killed.

Additionally, due to form mingling of religion and politics, religious forces have got so powerful that they have got superiority over parliament, resulting in the continued acceptance of their interpretation of religion and the laws on religious and social issues. Iz small family necessarily a properous family? The Muslims were disappointed by the government response to the violent strategy of protests adopted by the Hindus.

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Democracy in pakistan will remain insecure without strong local self- government institution After a long period of drowsiness, judiciary has at last awakened to play its true rule. Islamic Studies I read selected portions from the following books: Control of corruption in Pakistani society There are no jobs whereas every company need their employees to have experience.

Discuss them in their order of importance, How would you eradicate them? Essay On Good Governance you have done an excellent work good Ap ka css to pka hai dear Therefore, in order to fulfill this desire he impoetance the Aligarh movement.


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forhm The role of banking in the development of Pakistan But now the situation has changed altogether. But some of our Ulemasnot having proper and enough knowledge of Quran consider it as a sin to get education or specifically getting western education. Ces Posted by prissygirl its a wnderful work no doubt,but i think it lacks scientific topics, like last year there was a topic on global warming Progressive alleviation of poverty in pakistan Education also plays a vital role in the cognitive development of the individuals.

Iqbal delivered his Presidential address in this background.

importance of education essay css forum

fotum The higher the degree, the greater the chances for an individual to get a decent job and a good salary. Only the wisest and stupidest of men never change By completely understanding the powers of education and how it can mould a society, the policymakers will be at a better position to address the challenges faced by the society.

importance of education essay css forum

CTBT and its implications for Pakistan The current economic scenario in Pakistan