The Cambridge History of Judaism, Vol. The Jews from Alexander to Herod. At one point, he erected a statue of Zeus in the temple and sacrificed a pig on the alter. Some Jews discovered the political and financial advantages of adopting Greek customs while other Jews reasoned that much of the Greek culture would have a benign influence upon their own Jewish beliefs and culture, not entirely unlike the challenge believers of today have as they seek to balance their religious life with ubiquitous popular culture. By Joyce E Gerald. These writings often reflect the cultural environment of Hellenization, the ongoing political conflicts of various regions, or the exercise and exploration of Jewish belief and practice.

The Bar Kokhba Revolt: The geo-political climate of the day allowed people to travel from Jerusalem to all the corners of the Roman Empire. Herod the Great grew more and more paranoid and disliked by his subjects as time passed. The Pharisees, who emerged as a party in the course of the second century, were, like the Hasidim, punctilious in their observance of the law. However, an otherwise insignificant young man from an obscure nation soon radically changed the course of the world forever—this was Alexander the Great. Log In Sign Up.

At one point, he erected a statue of Zeus in the temple and sacrificed a pig on the alter. Although not as easily predicted, the dispersion of the Jews provided the lines of communication from Judea to Samaria and the rest of the known world that would carry the Gospel to the outer limits of the empire.

Some attention will be given to emerging Jewish groups in the post-exilic world, to ideological changes born in those years, as well as to some of the literature produced between the Testaments.

The Works of Flavius Josephus. It was, apparently, among the Essenes that the Jewish apocalyptic tradition was carried forth, and much of its literature produced. However, it was the philosophy of government with the goal of peace and cooperation for the good of the empire.


From 76 to 67 BC, the Hasmonean throne was occupied by the only woman to be Queen.

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Conclusion The purpose of this discourse was to provide a brief history of the Second Temple Period, beginning universiyy Alexander the Great and concluding with the sons of Herod Antipas. The universigy and aggrandizement of the [Maccabean] state under [Jewish priest-king] John Hyrcanus and his successors doubtless satisfied their ambitions and caused militant nationalism for the moment to subside.

Second Temple Period- Final. It was through them that this oral law was handed down and expanded, till finally codified in the Mishnah ca.

(DOC) Intertestamental Period Paper – NBST – Roberts[2] | David Roberts –

From Malachi to Matthew. However, it was the philosophy of government with the goal of peace and cooperation for the good of the empire.

They regarded themselves as the people of the New Covenant; they had their own peculiar interpretation of the law, their peculiar religious calendar, and they were pledged to a strict ihtertestamental with was rigorously enforced. Yet, that is exactly what happens when we turn from the last page of Malachi to the first page of Matthew. During this upheaval, several Judean politicians vied for power.

Many came to believe that if they adhered to these authoritative writings they would avoid the disastrous circumstances of exile, foreign invasion and the wrath of an offended God, though Greek and later Roman dominance challenged these fundamental assumptions.

Hyrcanus originally associated with the more conservative Pharisees, but paoer switched to the Sadducees.

A s a side note, we should mention that not all groups of Israelites agreed upon which books should be perod in the authoritative canon. This paper also described various factors that impacted the Jews and the Holy Land leading up to and including the time of Christ. Decades later when the Persians conquered Babylon, Cyrus decreed that the Jerusalem temple should be rebuilt ca.


intertestamental period research paper liberty university

Pin It on Pinterest. This paper will now turn to the terminal years of the Second Temple Period by discussing the Roman occupation, Herod and his sons, and concluding with a focus on the catalyst provided by Roman government and the Pax Romana.

Under his kingship, the Jews were persecuted, bribery was common place, and post of high priest was open to the highest bidder. It cannot be studied without considering the influence of worldly events. Turn that one page. No one could have a complete pa;er of the modern world that we live in by skipping such a vast stretch of time which has seen enormous changes in so many aspects of life.

Between the Testaments: An Invitation to Explore the Intertestamental Time Period

What pa;er exciting about these writings is what they tell us about the way Jews between the Testaments understood, interpreted and lived the Bible. What was the Second Temple Period? They not only accepted other parts of Scripture as authoritative alongside the Torah, they also regarded the oral law developed to interpret the written as fully obligatory.

intertestamental period research paper liberty university

Philip made sure to provide a quality military and academic education for the young prince. Help Center Find new research papers in: We begin by returning to BC.

Cambridge University Press, Born to King Philip of Macedon and tutored by the great Aristotle himself, Alexander was laden with ideas of the promise and glory of Greek culture.