Unless we can o er an alternative to the struggle between Jihad and McWorld, the epoch on whose threshold we stand—postcommunist, postindustrial, postnational, yet sectarian, fearful, and bigoted—is likely also to be terminally postdemocratic. The new technologies are more powerful than the old, and Coke has now manufactured its own soft-drink ideology that assimilates the ideals of the Olympics, the fall of the Berlin Wall, and Rutgers University into a theme-park ideal existence for Coke drinkers. To others their claim to innocence is an assertion of hypocrisy—among the deadliest of sins for Muslims and others who watch America demonize others and exonerate itself. There is hardly a single international institution that has not been questioned, undermined, or outright abandoned by the United States in the name of its need to protect its sovereign interests. The question is will the US be ready to compete with a liberal democratic China unfettered by governmental constraints currently placed on entrepreneurship of its people. Essentially, my main problem with this book is that it is childish and the writing style is the type that you would expect from a college freshman who deserved a C- on their final exam.

Japan has, for example, become more culturally insistent on its own traditions in recent years even as its people seek an ever greater purchase on McWorld. These are frightened tribes running not to but from civic faith in search of something more palpable and electrifying. Aug 11, Brett rated it it was amazing Shelves: Had I heeded these friendly critics more consistently, I would have certainly written a better book. But it cannot expect the denizens of McWorld to welcome such intervention or to demur from trying to obstruct government through their own political interventions. As a result, it cannot support the values and institutions associated with civic culture, religion, and the family. Democracy su ers either way, especially if, as I will argue below, democracy historically has rooted its liberties in nation-state institutions.

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Serbian assassins wear Adidas sneakers and listen to Madonna on Walkman headphones as they take aim through their gunscopes at scurrying Sarajevo civilians looking to ll family watercans. We live in a world that gradually is getting worse and worse and worse. This brings up an interesting point, if multi-national firms even ones that originate from the US have completely decoupled itself from national loyalty, then why is the US still subsidizing some of these companies as well as giving people who have capital, capital-gains tax breaks that may benefit the multi-national bottom-line but do not necessarily benefit the US economy while at the same time taking money from American coffers in a time of increasing deficits?

Where defense and aerospace industry were closely associated with hard power and state command structures, the new consumer economies privileged the private sector and pointed toward soft power.


There was no way to bring America to its knees because in a crucial sense America did not exist, at least not as an integral collectivity of interdependent regions with a single interest, until after the Civil War and the Industrial Revolution that followed it. Provocative, but not incendiary. Civic life and personal relationships are to be held above all else.

Elsewhere, the maldistribution of arable soil and mineral resources on an unjustly created planet leaves even statemfnt wealthiest societies ever more resource-dependent and relegates many other nations to the permanent despair of the Terminal World.

Barber’s ghesis of how savage capitalism and forces of statrment who haven’t been able to reap the comfortable fruits of it fight back is still very much worth reading.

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The war against terrorism also will have to be a war for justice if it is to succeed, and not just in the sense in which President George W. After reading the Hamid’s Reluctant Fundamentalist, I can see how blind Capitalism can be compared to Fundamentalism because they both are global within their reach, devoid of human emotion thus consequences, and tend to have a singular goal.

While they produce neither common interests nor common law, common markets do demand, along with a common currency, a common language; moreover, they produce common behaviors of the kind bred by cosmopolitan city life everywhere. Su ering too has been democratized, and those most likely to experience it will nd a way to compel those most remote from it to share the pain. Whether Trump, like Barber, wants greater “democracy” to ameliorate these defects is debatable, though.

Although I myself tend to be an ardent proponent of free-market globalization, he does bring up interesting points in that the media industrial complex sole purpose is to grow and make profits to that end it does not look toward “good cultural values” that most Americans profess to. Aug 11, Brett rated it it was amazing Shelves: Barber doesn’t try to sugar-coat his statements or wrap them up in the flag.

Knight is pretty blunt about it: Barber argues that there are several imperatives that make up the McWorld, or the globalization of politics: Only the competing need to gather a coalition to underwrite its antiterrorist military strike compelled the American government nally to pay its UN dues and to commit to modest amounts of simple humanitarian aid that should have been a function of normalcy the United States still devotes a smaller percentage of its GNP to foreign aid than any other developed nation in the world.

PennWell Publishing Company, Oct 10, Edith rated it it was amazing Shelves: Pierre Cardin pioneered the low-end licensing of a high-end fashion name when in the s he licensed over eight hundred products from colognes to sunglasses.


Fundamentalists can be found among every religious sect and represent a tiny, aggravated minority whose ideology contradicts the very religions in whose names they act. Their aim is but tribes, many of them at war with one another.

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By arguing that markets can do everything government once did, and better, statementt more freedom for citizens, privatization within nation-states opens the way for a deregulation of markets that in turn facilitates the globalization and hence privatization of the economy.

Yet full employment and environmental preservation are social goods rather than private-market goods; and the proponents of McWorld view markets and their impact strictly from the onedimensional perspective of capitalist ,cworld ciency. Markets are by their nature unfair, and when confronted with state-generated public interest issues like justice, full employment, and environmental protection they seek mcwotld all to be left alone.

Though the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund and later the General Agreement on Tari s and Trade and the World Trade Organization, which grew out of GATT in were ostensibly bs as instruments of democratic sovereign nations designed to guide and regulate private-sector interests in the name of public sector reconstruction, over a period of time they became instruments of the very private- over a period of time they became instruments of the very privatesector interests they were meant to channel and keep in check.

America was less favorably endowed by nature in bauxite moment.

jihad vs mcworld thesis statement

At other times, and this is purely because I am reading this mcwoeldBarber talks about issues that are no longer relevant or those that have been solved over time for better, or worse. It is their perception of overwhelming hypocrisy that leads them to exult where we would wish for them to grieve.

Jihad vs. McWorld: Terrorism’s Challenge to Democracy

This book is a must read, not only for the analysis of Islamic fundamentalism and global Jihad, but for the way it skewers the emptiness of American popular culture as well. Also, technology mcwotld now systematically integrated into everyone’s lives to the point where it “gives every person on earth access to every other person”.

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Its constituents are not terrorists, for they are terri ed by modernity and its costs and, consequently, vulnerable to ameliorative actions if those who embrace democracy nd the will to take such actions.