A decision had to be made early in the process whether to use an external scanning service or internal student help for scanning and proofreading articles. The objective of the first phase of the project was to measure the time and costs involved in digitization, and those results are reported here. This is page is currently offline, but you can try the Wayback Machine. May ; cited 16 Apr ]. In this report a per-item figure is quoted, not a per-page figure. Every digit found by the segmentation is classified as follows:

View All Practices Alphabetically. Covered Entities should conduct additional training of staff as to any newly developed or modified policies and procedures, as an instance of noncompliance with such policies and procedures could expose the covered entity to a complaint‚ÄĒeither made to the covered entity or directly to OCR. In the second part of the project, metadata will be added to the digital files, and records for each of the articles will be added to Yale’s online catalog. The cost of digital imaging projects. In this report a per-item figure is quoted, not a per-page figure. Here you will find a variety of resources specifically written for various examination boards. A 7-segment data logger Perl script written and used by Alan Bates.

These were easy, straightforward items to be scanned: This material can be made more accessible by producing digital copies of important older articles from the collection and then making them available on the Internet. OCR attempted to answer some frequently encountered questions regarding these ongoing and future uses in the Guidance.

Scanning a document and producing TIFF and PDF files is by far the faster alternative to producing text files, because it does not involve proofreading.

The complicated login procedure requiring a password and in this case two token numbers which means a one minute wait for the next number was incentive enough to replace the two factor authentication by traditional authentication measures. To digitize X pages and images, libraries would estimate using the 0.


Future research creates a problem because new research studies may not be envisioned when the research subject executes the authorization. The cost of digital imaging projects.

OCR Clarifies Confusion Related to Authorizations for Ongoing and Future Research Purposes

Because some of these articles were more than years old, producing high-quality photocopies was often difficult. First, OCR encourages covered entities conducting ongoing research to remind research subjects periodically about their right under the Privacy Rule to revoke cwse authorizations.

The policies and procedures should specify the criteria that covered entities will use to define when an automatic reminder should be sent e. A student stuey hired for a total of hours, which worked out to be approximately ten twelve-hour weeks.

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After a file format is selected, libraries must then consider whether the per-item time average reported here will be appropriate for their projects. No attempt was made to exclude documents based on their condition.

A lot of guidance is there with regular new inputs. Using OCR software on older print material entails many challenges.

The information herein should not be used or relied upon in regard to any particular facts or circumstances without first consulting a lawyer. In this model, an individual library would digitize classic articles in one specialty, and, by adding them to classic articles from other libraries, a useful digital collection of historically significant material would be created.

Other researchers have listed the costs of this at three [ 11 ] to five times [ 12 ] the original digitization cost. In the second part of the project, metadata will be added to the digital files, and records for each of the articles will be added to Yale’s online catalog.


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It would seem more likely, however, that projects would involve mixes of articles and fonts. A seperate program called ssocrpp s even s egment OCR p re p rocessor was used instead.

Most of the websites are selling these resources at exorbitant prices Project time was broken down according to training, photocopying and scanning, and finally proofreading and formatting Table 1.

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This gap was filled by ssocr. The first versions of ssocr did not contain the image manipulation algorithms.

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This image is segmented to find the digits and then each digit is recognized individually. In the first part, articles would be scanned and digital formats would be produced.

jkl case study ocr

Nevertheless, I have been contacted by users of those platforms and helped them solve problems compiling or using ssocr. There was wide variability in the time needed to complete an article.

I do not have or use non-free operating systems like Windows or macOS, thus I cannot even test compilation on those platforms. SheaKelsey U. Foreground pixels in the left resp.

Libraries must weigh the possible benefit of digitization against the costs they will likely incur. The image is optionally filtered and then transformed into a monochrome representation with the digits as foreground using some form of thresholding. The following list is intended to cawe starting points regarding common problems caused by using a proprietary platform.

Resources will be used most effectively when a standard is established to concentrate on material of the highest value, and recognized historically important journal articles meet such a standard.