Access this item You must be logged in to access preview copies. My account New to us? Finance General Management Marketing. As a compromise, International developed a spicy sauce that customers could add to the standard Jollibee chicken. This open partnership fit with TTC’s view of franchise relations.

Furthermore, he emphasized that he was willing to build more stores if necessary and would put up all the capital so that Jollibee would risk no equity in the venture. Some raw materials and paper goods were sourced centrally and distributed to franchisees throughout Asia. Based on a page questionnaire, a quick check took roughly two hours to complete and covered all of the areas that intensive ones did, although with less rigor and detail. My account New to us? International Expansion by Christopher A. International Expansion new markets.

The case concludes as JMB contemplates taking his successful, sophisticated model to the United States. In jollbee context, Shih and King proposed to open a fourth store.

jollibee foods corporation international expansion case study

The case describes Jollibee’s six-year international expansion history and the lessons the company has learned. However, one responsibility in which franchisee was deeply involved was the key first step of selecting and securing the site of the first store, often with advice from International Division staff, who visited the country several times to direct market research.

jollibee foods corporation international expansion case study

This means that currently, JFC has no sufficient funds to support expansion. When Jollibee arrived in Indonesia, they assumed that the market would be similar to the Philippines.

Jollibee Foods Corporation (A): International Expansion

Particularly among the U. But the International Division expanded beyond the Jollimeal concept. The International Division also added idiosyncratic items to menus, such as dried fish, a Malaysian favorite.

jollibee foods corporation international expansion case study

However, often they were drawn into the planning of more routine campaigns for particular stores, work they felt should be handled by the franchisee and store managers. About this item Settings Related products Abstract Noli Tingzon, newly-appointed international division VP at Jollibee, the Philippines-based hamburger chain, is faced with the challenge of expanding fast food operations in Asia in the face of stiff competition. This open partnership fit with TTC’s view of franchise relations.


Such expansion created the critical mass needed to achieve economies of scale in both advertising and purchasing.


There also was some jealousy on a personal level because the people recruited were immediately promoted to the next level, with better pay and benefits.

Major fast food outlets in the United States, which provided a model for the rest of the world, aimed to serve time-constrained customers by providing good-quality food in a clean dining environment and at a low price. In choosing a site, attention had to be paid not only to the potential of a city or neighborhood but also to the traffic patterns and competition on particular streets or even blocks.

International Expansion returned to the country, encouraging expaansion companies to reinvest. Once the company jollibse were established, they hoped to franchise in California and beyond jolliber Cite View Details Purchase.

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Efficient use of their time— preparing raw materials and ingredients in advance, for example—not only enabled faster service, but could also reduce the number of crew members needed.

Knowing from a successful associate would trigger curiosity among elites on the kind of business the Tan Family are up to.

FSMs used this information not only to project and track royalty income for corporate purposes, but also to identify ways they could support the local franchisee. After succeeding there, we felt we were ready for the mainland. However, the area saw far fewer Filipinos than Central and the store would have to depend on locals.


Expanding the Base fourth store in Hong Kong. Though it began as a family business, eventually, it went public in They also found they could adapt the labor-intensive Philippine operating methods by developing different equipment and cooking processes more in keeping with a high labor cost environment.

Based on ccorporation page questionnaire, a quick check took roughly two hours to complete and covered all of the areas that intensive ones did, although with less rigor and detail. Please find below the full details of the product you clicked a link to view. Customizing for local tastes While such changes provoked grumbling from many in the large domestic business who saw the upstart international group as newcomers fiddling with proven concepts, nothing triggered more controversy than the experiments with menu items.

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Cite View Details Educators Purchase. Accountancy, Business and Management—12 Finance. To his inherited three-person staff, he quickly added seven more professionals, including new managers of marketing, finance, and quality control and product development that he brought in from outside Jollibee.