Another issue that might be considered for congressional review is the state of the airborne version of Cluster One. This report will be updated on a periodic basis. While some may consider this an improbable scenario, the reported recent discovery by Russian security experts of the first known computer virus spread by cell phone networks suggests otherwise. According to GAO, JTRS will be required to operate applications at multiple levels of security and in order to meet this requirement, developers will have to not only account for traditional radio security measures but also computer and network security measures. Ever since, they have been embedding iPad and MacBooks into their day-to-day classroom teaching and learning. Security for JTRS has emerged as a significant developmental difficulty. Some have expressed concerns that the goal of making JTRS “backward compatible” with legacy radios may be technologically infeasible.

Although not believed to be included in Experiment 1. The WIN-T network provides command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance C4ISR support capabilities that are mobile, secure, survivable, seamless, and capable of supporting multimedia tactical information systems. Congress may decide to examine the issue of security in greater detail. JTRS has experienced a number of developmental difficulties to date. Given these objectives, it is not unreasonable to assume that the early development models of JTRS Cluster one will undergo considerable experimentation and testing.

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Size and Weight Constraints and Limited Range. It should be noted that claims of 50 km 31 miles range, especially claims that such distances can be achieved without lines of sight, represent a theoretical maximum stdy ideal conditions.

On July 19,the Army reportedly decided to keep Boeing as the Cluster One lead contractor but would continue to assess the program’s progress. JTRS has experienced a number of developmental difficulties to date. A conference agreement on the Defense Appropriations Bill H.

Boeing Retains Cluster One Contract. On April 25,DOD issued a “Show Cause” letter to Boeing- the lead contractor for JTRS Cluster One – stating that it was considering cancelling the contract for the first phase of Cluster One due to Boeing’s “anticipated failure to meet cost, schedule, and performance requirements. If this is the case, the experiment’s results could potentially have significant ramifications for the future of the Cluster One program, particularly if Cluster One’s performance fails to meet the Army’s expectations.


Some have expressed concerns that the goal of making JTRS “backward compatible” with legacy radios may be technologically infeasible.

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Will Cluster One’s performance impact on the Army’s decision to continue with what some call a “troubled program” or will the Army opt to stick with Cluster One’s developers no matter what the outcome, and attempt to rectify identified deficiencies through additional funds and further program delays?

These base stations would eventually cover an entire metropolitan area, and allow wireless mobility within it.

JTRS has been characterized by the Army as a key complementary enabler of the FCS network that would enable FCS sensors and combat systems to acquire and engage targets at a distance as well as preventing them from being engaged by enemy systems.

Background and Issues for Congressntrs Andrew Feickert.

Air Force transport aircraft and deployed straight into combat with little or no post-flight reconfiguration. With these House and Senate figures, it is unlikely that a conference committee would fully fund the JTRS jttrs actual recommended program cuts for the FY Defense Appropriations bill are pending the outcome of a conference.

The performance of Cluster One in this experiment might prove to be a useful metric jttrs help decision- makers determine if the Cluster One program is a viable one or if another course of action should be pursued. It can be argued that network security would take on an even a more significant role in FCS than compared to the Army’s current force.

Work on Cluster Five radios – which, unlike Boeing, was never formally suspended by DOD – has continued in areas that were not dependent on Cluster One technologies and General Dynamics has reportedly made progress in addressing size and power concerns jtrz by GAO in their report.

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The Army’s FCS program consists of four “spin outs” — formerly known as spirals — that will introduce FCS technologies and systems to the current force. GAO asserts that “it is unlikely that Cluster One radios will be available for the first spiral [now referred to as spin out] of the FCS network, slated for FY and that Cluster Five radios might not be available for the first spiral.

The inability to meet these fundamental design and performance standards has raised concerns that Cluster One may not be able to accommodate additional waveforms current plan is for Cluster One to have four to eight stored waveforms as intended and that it may be too bulky or heavy to fit into the stringently weight and size-constrained FCS Manned Ground Vehicles MGVs 12 as well as the Army’s helicopter fleet.


jtrs case study

Given this history of cost overruns and the inability to forecast and manage program costs, some say a strong case could be made to permanently stop work on Cluster One while still in the Product Development and Demonstration Phase of development, and transfer program elements that show promise to another developer already in the JTRS program tjrs a developer not in the program but with demonstrated communications systems proficiency.

While both Clusters One and Five have experienced a number of developmental difficulties, it appears that the Cluster Five program has “divorced” itself from Cluster One through technological workarounds and has achieved a degree of program success reportedly having achieved compatibility with xtudy number of FCS systems.

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The Army is not unaware of these security challenges and notes that network security casd information assurance are an “ever growing priority, regardless of FCS development. Topic areas National Defense.

Issues for Congress November 17, Interoperability with Legacy Radio Systems. Congress may decide to examine the issue of security in greater detail. Some of the more notable difficulties are discussed in the following sections. Some suggest that the program has reached an impasse due to aircraft weight and size constraints, and that the only way to meet these requirements is jgrs redesign the system into a significantly less-capable version — a course of action that could further delay the program and carry with jrts significant cost implications.

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FCS Manned Ground Vehicles — lighter and less heavily armored than the M-1 Abrams and M-2 Bradleys that they are intended to replace — would rely extensively on situational awareness provided through the FCS Network for their survivability. They have caae invested in iPad and Mac over the past two years and working with us have embedded the use of the technology into day-to-day teaching and learning with amazing results. It is unclear how these yet-to-be-determined program cuts would impact not only the Cluster One and Five programs, but also how they would impact the overall FCS program.