Before joining the department he worked as a business simulation developer at Cesim and head of research at Fosta Consulting. Historically, I have had a recurring interest in commutative algebra and its relationship to other areas of math, and am happy to talk about the subject. If not, please contact us. All talks will be held in English and are open for everyone: Since , he has been the principal investigator of an Academy of Finland research project at Aalto. In her practice she has also been an active instigator and principal designer for several developmental housing projects. Our research and teaching activities involve elements of learning by doing, focusing learning experiences on the factors that affect sustainable growth and renewal of business in technology-intensive environments.

More specifically, I have thought about the relationship of affine Springer theory in type A with HOMFLY homology of torus links, Hilbert schemes of points on the plane, as well as how all of these topics fit into a larger conjectural framework due to Gorsky, Oblomkov, Negut, Rasmussen, Rozansky, Shende and others. I am also a Fulbright grantee. Mario Di Francesco received his Ph. Journal of Statistical Physics 4 , , Conformal Field Theory at the Lattice Level: She has been awarded twice at the main European Operations Management conference for her research. She was the youngest female doctoral graduate of the school.

Seminar room F, 3rd floor job talk ; Nokia classroom Ua, Otakaari 1; teaching demonstration.


kalle kytölä thesis

Conformal Field Theory at the Lattice Level: Verified email at aalto. The environment provides unique opportunities to conduct empirical and conceptual research of technology industries.

This “Cited by” count includes citations to the following articles in Scholar. Journal of Physics A: In VTT he developed several simulators and assessment methods.

During and Hostikka held the position of Principal Scientist. New citations to this author. Kallio was also leading Suomi nanosatellite project.

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Theory and Experiment 08P Articles Cited by Co-authors. Lecture notes from the course “Combinatorics” at Aalto University, In NovemberKatri Kauppi received the World Culture Council Special Recognitions Award, given to talented early career researchers, who have had international impact through their research.

This service is provided by:. She has been awarded twice at the main European Operations Management conference for her research. She is the youngest doctoral graduate in forest sciences in Finland. I would like to understand the minimal models with all parameter values, in particular the connection to quantum groups at roots of unity, as well as extensions to WZW models.

The learning process of a neural network solving the Rubik’s cube

Tenured Professors’ Installation Talks programme His research interests include business analytics, computational statistics, machine learning, optimization and evolutionary computation, and their kaple to marketing, finance, and healthcare. Sincehe has been the principal investigator of an Academy of Finland research project at Aalto.


I am a fourth year Ph. Application closes on April 30, More information. The infrastructure is created to develop our data science expertise, and to complement other data resources available at Aalto University. More specifically, I am interested in the representation theory of various kinds of Hecke algebras, with some emphasis on Cherednik’s DAHAs.

Kalle Kytölä – The Mathematics Genealogy Project

Steady states in chemical reaction networks. Did you find what you were looking for? Journal of statistical physics 6, This was kxlle to e.

kalle kytölä thesis

The multidisciplinary talks will be followed by a reception. Mathematical and General 39 46L Mercury, Venus, the Earth, the Moon, Mars, planetary moons, comets and asteroids. I am also a Fulbright grantee.

Mathematics Genealogy Project

Currently, she is a European Research Council Theiss Grant awardee —principal investigator in a project funded by the Academy of Finland —and chair of the Finnish Society for Forest Science. The position provides a vantage point to the development of data science at Aalto University, including the opportunities of collaboration between Aalto Scientific Computing platform, Aalto Learning Centre, and Aalto University School of Business e.

Journal of Kallle Physics 4,