This work to disseminate the application of the research has also specifically influenced Certificate programmes for new academic staff, including at Aston University , Northumbria University , New University of Ireland , University of Central Lancashire , Writtle College Was selected as a project researcher. My areas of focus include consumer sensor integration, electronic health record standardisation, formal clinical guideline representation and reasoning, and the application of distributed ledger technologies to provenance. Involved in developing a proof of concept collaborative mobile decision-support system to help patients suffering from chronic diseases to self-manage their treatment, funded by the EPSRC. Enhancing University assessment through evaluating student and lecturer understanding of academic standards.

My areas of focus were the development of a module to estimate model-checking bounds, and the merge feature described in the project title. Summary Impact Type Societal. Log In Sign Up. Whilst activities for students such as peer assessment, feedback on drafts and engagement with exemplars have a history of use in Higher Education, the research here is significant in taking the use of these participative methods into a different realm. Conduct one-to-one sessions with undergraduates and postgraduates to develop their strategies for writing critically for essays and dissertations.

kcl coursework feedback

Research Subject Area s Education: Worked in the first English language school in the Spiti Valley, 3, metres high in the Himalayas in India. This book was written to disseminate the early outcomes of this research to practitioners. I focussed on innovative teaching practices, including automated assessment, practical higher education teaching and student-lead teaching and learning, particularly in relation to the teaching of programming.

Within that context, the research has specifically developed insights on assessment practice, based on the mismatch between how standards are communicated to students and the reality of those standards in use, including potential solutions to this problem.

It also investigated standards in response to students’ claims that standards were idiosyncratic, inconsistent or hard to understand.


Diya Gupta | King’s College London –

Involved in developing a proof of concept collaborative mobile decision-support system to help patients suffering from chronic diseases to self-manage their treatment, funded by the EPSRC.

Remember as well that you will be surrounded by other highly motivated and capable students, so you may not automatically be top of the class anymore! I was previously nominated for the award inand The research was designed reedback address these problems in grasping tutors’ sense of quality as reflected in their marking standards through assessment guidance and feedback.

kcl coursework feedback

Also invited to interview Elleke Boehmer. In general, high marks will be given when you display that you have clearly understood the subject and included relevant detail.

It is expected that this translation into practice will create a positive impact on student learning, achievement and satisfaction: This may vary depending on your course and the specific piece of work; so ask your tutor if you are unsure.

The research provided the following insights into grading coursework and provision of feedback:.

kcl coursework feedback

Two practitioner research studies were undertaken; evaluating interventions designed to increase tutor dialogue with students about assessment criteria, grading and feedback. The research is cited in London Coursdwork University’s Institutional University Assessment Framework in terms of encouraging staff to develop students’ understanding of quality and feedvack negotiate and share standards.

The research indicates that student dissatisfaction may lie in the mismatch between the explicit presentation of assessment expectations to students as analytical and criterion-referenced and the actuality of tacit, holistic, and norm-referenced tutor judgement.

You can build on your work and improve as you work towards your final grade. One reason university students are dissatisfied with assessment is because they think guidance, marking and feedback can be inconsistent or hard to understand. The value to Higher Education of the insights feedbck been demonstrated by invitations from over 20 UK and international universities and organisations for Professor Bloxham and the research team to contribute to staff development.


Submitting Institution University of Cumbria.

Understanding grades

In I was awarded King’s College London’s prestigious Teaching Excellence Award for my work teaching programming to undergraduate students. It was the most read article of November Atypically for this position, I also lectured feedvack programming practice.

Your grades will improve as you get used to working at university level, and in the style required by your degree subject. Thank you for the recommendations you gave to me. Clursework to your tutor if you are unsure about the requirements of a specific piece of work. Unit of Assessment Education. This has led to improvements in assessment policies, practice and national guidelines in the UK.

Dr Martin Chapman, Research Associate in Data Provenance, King’s College London: Curriculum Vitae

My area of ferdback was the pre-processing of raw financial data for storage on an Eris Monax chain. Assigned as a lecturer to King’s two-semester, first-year programming course, working with over students per cohort. I was interested in drawing parallels between the dynamics of these games, and the dynamics of network attacks.

Marked all coursework for both years. Innearly 2, students voted in the awards, and winners were chosen from across King’s 6, staff. The research undertaken by Professor Sue Bloxham and colleagues has had a significant impact on the approach to assessment in Higher Education.