Students should make use of social media for the post as well. Students who leave before their entry is submitted or who leave critique sessions early may be disqualified. Contestants will need to make sure their camera is set to the proper local time and date. Brown and Caldwell Minority Scholarship Program. Write an essay describing contributions you have made to your community and how their goals are inspired by Anne Frank with a focus on commitment to social justice. The more surveys you complete, the better your odds of winning.

Scholarships for students with financial need who are interested in social justice. Applicants to the Randy Pausch Scholarship must intend to pursue a career in any aspect of game development including: In addition to the scholarship award amount, winners will receive training in running an internet business. Quality of caption may also be considered. August 10, 5: Financial support for individuals seeking to advance their knowledge or to enter professional careers in any of the following fields:

Inside Pages online submission Using that information and your kgf knowledge of the topic, you are to write an editorial, no more than words, in ink. Please do not reply to this email as this address is not monitored. Replacements are available until 3 p. In the event of a controversythe National Contest chair and JEA executive director will make the final decision.

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For students pursuing a degree in a discipline related to the performing arts e. Imaginative subject matter; technical quality and excellence; photo composition; visual impact; story told in each photograph; simplicity; cropping; and lighting. Note the number of photos required for each contest entry.


If the judges believe the images were not obtained legally, contestants may be asked to provide documentation during the critique session. Lighting is used effectively.

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Brown and Caldwell Minority Scholarship Program. Chips Quinn Scholars Program. Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund.

kff essay contest

October 20, at Camera with SD card or another size card with a card reader. Must be a high school senior or undergraduate student to apply. No image may have been entered in a previous JEA national write-off contest — except those in Portfolio. Demonstrate long-term achievement outside the classroom like ezsay project at school, in their community, etc.

Both news layout contests are for individuals only. Clean layout; creativity; effective positioning dssay the elements; effective selection, scaling and cropping of photos; effective font choices and sizes; varied headline sizes; a clear focal point; text flow easy to follow; evidence of consideration for readers; consistent use of styles; creative graphics; a sense of personality or style.

kff essay contest

Hello, you need to enable JavaScript to use Dialogue4Health. For example, these may include investigative reports about facilities, drug use, injuries, budgets, scholarships, rules and regulations, etc. You will be designing one logo that you will submit in full color and grayscale for a business, club or organization based on a fact sheet provided to you.

Write-off Contests

You will submit THREE images related to sports, not including sports action images, including images outside the area of competition. State Farm Good Neighbor Scholarship. Quality of caption may also be considered. Be careful that you do not download the material for the prior convention. Broadcast sports stories may be focused on a news event and be timely stories that address serious topics related to athletics. This contest will include either a matching or multiple choice section and short-answer and essay sections covering First Amendment issues, landmark cases and ethical decision-making for members of the scholastic press.


College juniors, seniors, graduate students and recent graduates with majors in journalism or career goals in journalism are eligible to apply. An infographic provides additional information to the reader rather than just being a visual—a diagram, chart or map that conveys information pictorially i.

Students enter as individuals and take a test that assesses their knowledge and understanding of scholastic press law and ethics. Audio levels are acceptable and consistent throughout. This is a story told by video and natural sounds ONLY — no music tracks, including recording someone singing as anything more than a short clip of NAT sound.

kff essay contest

All 68 participants received the Letters of Gratitude, the winners were presented with the esay. It is designed to help photographers, generally graduating seniors, prepare for scholarship applications, internship applications or job interviews by giving them the opportunity to prepare a portfolio and to have it critiqued by a professional.

Each contestant will receive news copy from a JEA moderator to rewrite into broadcast style.