Islam, Syed Mohammed Shamsul Design of a graphical user interface to augment a telerobotic stereo-vision system. Asi, Ibrahim Muhammad Axle loads and pavement performance indicators for typical highways in Eastern Province. Al-Haj, Aiman Hassan M. Al-Gahtani, Husain Dynamic response of fluid-loaded composite plates to stationary and moving loads. Al-Sayed, Ahmed Helmi Effect of the rigidity of columns and the dimensional changes in beams on post-tensioning forces. Adamu, Zulfikar Aliyu Contaminant behavior and distribution in mechanically ventilated multi-zone building.

Sumon, Kazi Zamshad Extraction of aromatics using green solvents based on ionic liquids. Nizam, Syed Mohtashim Performance evaluation of a new type of titanium nitride TiN coated twist drill. Mohammed, Aman Hassen Effect of drilling fluid particle sizes on formation damage: Al-Abdulgader, Khaled Abdulaziz Ahmad Effect of sight distance on the safety of unsignalized intersections. Al-Nashmi, Muhammad Hasan Muhammad.

Al-Samhouri, Nedhal Fouzi A model study of slurry-trench excavation and soil-bentonite cut-off walls.

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Aminuddin, Mohammad Simulation of a simulated moving bed reactor for hydrocarbon isomerization. Arifusalam, Shaikh Robust networks modeling and scheduling. Iqbal, Imran The impact of HVAC system selection and operation on energy conservation in an office building in hot and humid climates of Saudi Arabia.

Akhtar, Naeem Optimal locations of booster disinfection libray in Al-Khobar water distribution system.

Al-Ghamdi, Mohammed Abdullah Ali Quantitative determination of tetraalkyllead by lead nuclear magnetic resonance. Masood, Khalid Some exact and approximate inverse boundary and scattering problems. Dehwah, Hamoud Ahmad Farhan Durability of reinforced concrete beams repaired with various repair materials. Al-Bashrawi, Htesis Ali Reductive lie groups and mostow fibration. Al-Towailib, Hassan Saeed Comparative study of computational methods for the solution of the two-dimensional reservoir flow equations.


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Abdulghani, Amin Arshad A parallel list scheduling algorithm: Al-Qahtani, Ali Saeed Subjective assessment of indoor air quality in office buildings. Al-Shafei, Mansour Ahmed High temperature ceramic superconductors: Mohiuddin, Mohammed Ahmed Finite element dynamic analysis of multibody rotor-bearing system with cracked shaft.

Ziraba, Yasin Naku Material and fracture characterization of sisal fibre concrete. Hubbi, Essam Mohammad Thesid Intermediate forms in high-level synthesis.

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Fakhruz Zaman, Sharif Diffusion and adsorption of aromatics in zeolites by zero length column technique. Ahmed, Mohammed Jameel License plate recognition system. Al-Taweel, Ahmed Baqer Development of multiphase flow metering set-up utilizing coriolis meters.

Ghaffar Tooth tip losses in external gear pumps.

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Rasheed, Asif Synthesis and solution properties of polymeric zwitterionic ammonium betains. Fairag, Faisal Abdul-Karim Spectral kfjpm of trees. Farooqui, Mohammed Sajeed Combined electrooxidation and electrocoagulation processes for the treatment of municipal wastewater.

Jarrar, Mohammad Tilting and star module theory in commutative rings. Shehadeh, Yaqoub Mustafa Computation of singularities in B. Abul, Bashar On the performance of turbo codes over Rayleigh fading channels.


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Al-Naser, Abdul-Elah Ali Liquid-liquid extraction of some rare earth metal librarh by polyoxyalkylene systems. Al-Salman, Ali Abdullah Assessment of risk management perceptions and practices of construction contractors in Saudi Arabia. Al-Ahmadi, ali Saud Abbas Digital filter design by approximate time-domain modeling.

Hussain, Syed Ehtesham Mechanisms of high durability performance of plain llibrary blended cements. Al-Muhareb, Mohammed Ahmed Improving standstone matrix stimulation for oil wells by gas preconditioning.

Sayeed, Azhar Reducing the complexity of rational cubics for designing the objects. Lafi, Adel Othman Mohammed The design and implementation of a structured programming language for the description of optical architectures. Khan, Rehan Ikram Effect of temperature on the fatigue behavior of plain weave woven carbon fabric-reinforced composite plastic. Akhtar, Mohammad Shahed Performance of multistage interconnection networks under non-uniform reference model. Al-Amoudi, Omar Saeed Baghabra Studies on the evaluation of permeability and corrosion resisting characteristics of Portland pozzolan concrete.