Information system security threats and vulnerabilities: An assessment of socio-economic and environmentalimpacts of oil and gas operations: For any information contact: University Format Requirement shall consist of the following sections: The effect of Turbocharger on the performance and exhaust emission of diesel engine run on Biodiesel fuel. Determinants of the demand for micro-insurance in Ghana. Illustrations for teaching selected religious and moral education values in Junior High Schools.

Psychological contract violation, abusive supervision, gossips and employee cynicism among health workers in Ghana. As a nation developing its human resource for sustainable development, Ghana has embarked on literacy and life-long education for sustainable adult education. Hydrogeological evaluation of geological formations in Ashanti Region, Ghana. Impact of road investments on the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals: This study seeks to assess overall customer satisfaction and loyalty as well as sustainability of products and service quality delivered by Mobile Telecommunication Network and Vodafone to students of University for Development Studies Effects of urbanisation on energy consumption in Ghana. Social capital, innovativeness and performance of micro and small family businesses in Ghana.

According to Dzidonuthe application of Information Communication Technology for accelerated development is bedrock for African countries and would be their rate determinant. Dynamics of price stabilization with buffer stock: Design, construction and evaluation of a tractor-mounted groundnut harvester.

As such it is recommended that future research works should focus more on the psychological aspect of the issue of school dropout because much has been done on the economic aspect of this canker. Long distance training by correspondence has been practiced here for decades. Strategic implications of outsourcing to business organizations; a study of Nwabiagya Rural Bank in Ashanti Region.


Community participation in procurement as a tool for poverty alleviation in Ghana: Improving security of websites using vulnerability assessment. Johannes Cronje Event Date: Assessments of Distance and e-Learning pathway programs: Adoption of E-Banking services: A case study of Ghanaian banks.

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Team integration on construction projects — the role of the client. Genetic diversity of p.


Distance Education and Elearning. Effect of government expenditure on economic growth in Nigeria Antibiotics in Ghanaian environment: Investigation into challenges in developing specifications for procurement of goods. Forest plantation development and poverty alleviation: Inertia in paradigm and praxis in the design, development and deployment of pedagogy for teacher development was the problem identified.

Compulsory land acquisition and payment of compensation in Ghana. In — Vivo Bioavailability comparison between generic and innovator brands: Evaluation of the anti-inflammatory effects of the hydroethanolic extract of holarrhena floribunda in murine models of inflammation.

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Analgesic and Anti-Inflammatory constituents of annickia polycarpa stem and root barks and clausena anisata root. Yield response of soybean and cowpea to theais phosphate fertilizer blend and rhizobial inoculation on two benchmark soils of northern Ghana. Gender and energy services in the rural non-farm economy of Ejisu-Juaben Municipality.


Improved yam-baobab-tamarind guideines blends and its potential use in extrusion cooking. The effect of strategic management practices on performance of Savings and Loans Companies in Kumasi. Simulation – based exploration of the thermal performance of selected multi-storey office buildings in Accra, Ghana.

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Comparative analysis of technical efficiency and profitability of cabbage production in selected urban, peri-urban and theeis areas of Ashanti Region.

Researchers designed Team-Working Model to enhance writer type and writing style.

Water quality of hand dug wells sited in close proximity to pit laterines in homes at new Dormaa Residential area in the Sunyani Municipality of Ghana. Malaysian Journal of Distance Education 11 2 Atrazine level in air particulate matter in the Kumasi Metropolis and its environs.

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The impact of illegal farming on biodiversity of Bui river forest reserve in Sefwi Wiawso forest district, Ghana. Descriptive statistics and compare means analyses were employed.