For me, I’ll go into a wedding next weekend feeling informed and prepared for whatever different and “strange”, to some things may happen. The duties she has to perform include exchanging the wedding rings and the wedding crowns for the couple during the ceremony, as well as holding the ribbon tying the crowns as they take their first steps around the altar as married people. And the wedding crowns used in them belong to the church, and are brought out at every wedding. The newly married pair walks around the sacrament table, or altar, 3 times. This article will help you decide if you should accept.

If you are able to participate in the sacraments of the church, you are in good standing from a canonical perspective. Analogous to this is the Slavic custom of holding the wedding crowns above the couple’s heads for the duration of the time from when the priest bestows the crowns to when he takes them back. Olga 30 Aug Remember am a beacon of positivity and light. His parents and close friends tie a red scarf around his waist 3 times, signifying his fertility.

Again my family and friends tried to help the best koumbara could.

Expectations of the Koumbaro or Koumbara

But a koumbaro doesnt have any role beyond the 15 minutes of fame. Father David Moser 05 Feb If an altarboy is roped in to do the best man’s “duties”, he would need to be tall enough to manage.

Paul addressed to the Ephesians that says “Let the wife fear her husband”.

In Greece and with Greek weddings around the world, it is customary to avoid: The couple is crowned with stefana. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Today Your Eminence I would like to tell you a story, not necessarily in chronological order, about a journey and a miracle. With our wedding coming up God willing! Learn how your comment data is processed. To support the bride-to-be in all aspects of wedding planning This is not as easy as it sounds.


Perhaps one of the most significant and recognizable parts of the ceremony is when the Koumbaros[a] places the stephana [crowns] on the heads of the bride and groom. LoL, so I have to start this post with a laugh at the power of the internet to distract us, even when we have a mission in mind.

Within the realm of the service itself, various customs exist and certain parts of the ceremony are given over to them depending on the particular tradition. I probably spend too much time on YouTube…. The stephana are two decorated crowns with a long ribbon between them connecting the two.

Three days before our wedding, I changed my reservation to Saturday so that the family could have more speech together. Traditionally there is only one Koumbaros or Koumbara, but increasingly many priests permit couples, or Wedeing [plural].

We’ll celebrate on the trolley because limousines are definitely overratedtake pictures in the speech, then head over to the reception for the greatest night ever.

Koumbara wedding speech

Sometimes, he’ll even step on her foot lightly to throw her off guard. Those who have local or foreign names not associated with saints may celebrate on All Saints’ Day instead. Holding the crowns above the heads is simply folk custom, and a preference, not a requirement. Maybe it’s genetic, so hey, good wedding with your future children.

koumbara wedding speech

I’m afraid you’re quite wrong on this, Kosta, apart from perhaps the best man giving a speech at the reception. We will not be married in the Church but will do all the same traditions of a Greek wedding with our celebrant — including having my beautiful Koumbara responsible for these!!


koumbara wedding speech

Please consult with your priest for more information. However, your priest can guide you as to what it means in your specific case. Once the koumbaea and stephana are in place, the priest leads the couple around the small table holding hands. Keep the bride calm and cheerful in the stressful weeks leading up to her big day.

Unless one is a beer-stein holding champion, holding even a lightweight wedding crown above one’s head for the duration of the crowning period is rather difficult. Today, it’s a funny moment in the service, because it’s now believed that the phrase means the woman should respect and consider her husband, as he was informed to love her, be himself, and sacrifice for her in an earlier reading.

What is a Best Man?

Koumbara wedding speech

I loved seeing the unique customs, thinking about the symbolism and the history, while also noting the similarities between Greek Kouumbara and other weddings I’ve already learned about in the Weddings Across the Board series of posts. Posted 30 August – They are usually tapered, white and ” in height. The Koumbaro or Koumbara does play an important role during the marriage koumbaar because their role absolutely needs to be performed by an Orthodox Christian in good standing.