This might seem like a small thing. In front of the driver is a classically styled instrument pack. Now all surpassed by the XF, beating all the pretentious characterless Germans. I suppose Lancia thought an image-building large car was the way to go. And they are handled well.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Not your everyday Golf-clone hatchback. Rather surprisingly, there is an analogue gauge to display fuel consumption, scaled from 6 litres per km to 20 litres per kilometres. When shaping the bodysides I presume the designers were hoping for cool restraint but instead achieved banality. Each prompt includes a box to illustrate the story and 10 lines to write it. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: In essence, these were just incremental improvements on the theme of multi-link suspension.

The diamond shaped headlamps are powerful Xenon units.

lancia thesis 3.0 v6 potro nja

In any case, my point about the launch cars was more about highlighting management more than engineering incompetence — it lancoa literally impossible to imagine Piech allowing something like this to occur. The market has belatedly discovered what excellent cars they are.

Lancia Thesis V6 Review – Driven To Write

Apropros of nothing, I was recently in Belgrade and Lybras especially SWs ppotro to be popular amongst the taxi brigade there. This Kancia is invalid or has already been used. Even a Jaguar XJ seems a bit glacial in comparison while the similarly priced S-type is embarrassingly Crown Victoria.


We have a few Kappa articles here plus a Trevi test drive. For Lancia enthusiasts expecting the cerebral satisfaction of a car with palpable mechanical character the Thesis is too distant and inscrutable. I doubt it was intentional. I just want to say thank you very much!

But then I thought Vel Satis was fun too.

Twitter Facebook Reddit Tumblr Pocket. But what if Lancia had offered a more comfortable, more pleasant alternative? Each prompt includes a box to illustrate the story and 10 lines to write it. I wanted to notice the steering character rather than to notice I could not detect anything either way. Bells and whistles were there, and worked fine, but novelty worn off after first km.

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At the rear were installed multiple-arm suspension elements, designed to provide a good capacity to absorb impacts. The centre console features the display and buttons for the climate control so while the driver might require 17 degrees, passengers can opt for more or fewer independently.

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lancia thesis 3.0 v6 potro nja

For Lancia enthusiasts expecting sportiness, the Thesis is too smooth and aloof and not fast enough. It has occurred to me that as far as I can recall I have never seen a Thesis in the wild. Lybra has that too, but adds another option, switching to fully manual too. In many ways I think FCA suffers from Roveritis, which is to say that, while they have people in their ranks who are individually talented and work hard, management is fundamentally an inept cancer that continually enables a deep-seated culture of close-enough-is-good-enough.


2002 Lancia Thesis 3.0 V6 Review

Now all surpassed by the XF, beating all the pretentious characterless Germans. Notify me of new posts via email.

Uncle Joe was in critical condition where all there was to do was pray and wait. The Thesis passes the door slam test, by a factor of five. Some restrictions on this elective module choice may apply. Its best feature seemed to be you could stand up with your head out of the sunroof and let it park itself. Otherwise a pretty decent car. So I paid a lot for what was a year-old car that looks like a slug, but has complete and comprehensive history. And the steering is pleasantly light, quite direct but not nervous and the car had a crisp bite to the turn-in.

Technical writing is a style of writing used in scientific or mathematical fields in which clear and concise descriptions, explanations, or instructions are needed. By way of comparison, the Mercedes S weighed less, having 30 kilos fewer to drag along. The Thesis is not a go-kart.