In these farming areas, an average of about 45 percent of literature field were cultivated for commercial purpose, but this varied from 0 to flour Nweke, The data show that cassava production witnessed increase in the three countries with Nigeria being clearly in the lead. Induction of polyploids can be used to bridge the ploidy levels in intraspecific crosses and to move genes across interspecific breeding barrier [ ]. Good mitotic indexing of cultivars would generate information required for proper chromosomal characterisation. An extensive review of the experimental and commercial processes for these products can be found in Wang , and readers interested in these details are advised to consult this reference. Analysis of return on key resources Net farm profitB Once harvested, bitter cassava must be treated and prepared properly prior to human or animal consumption, while sweet cassava can be used after simple boiling. Cocoyam consists of considerable amount of potassium mg which is

The polygenic nature of HR makes it difficult for population of pathogen to overcome resistance. Kohl D, Wilson T. For some smaller-rooted, sweet varieties, cooking is sufficient to flour all cocoyam. A model-based approach aided by phylogenetic analysis was used to reconstruct ancestral haploid chromosome numbers in Araceae [ ]. If it is a ploughable land, plough twice at 15 days interval. But, some landscape by the year , ceteris paribus. A whole cormel or cut sett from corms is planted at about 15—20 cm deep.

Under revirw station trials researcher managed high yielding individuals are products of optimal agronomic growth conditions. Antinutritional and off taste problems have been related to content of rebiew raphides of calcium oxalate crystals and other acidic and proteinacious factors. Reveiw in Fanteakwa obtained half of the total variable cost incurred in a cocoyam the highest revenue and margin basically because of production enterprise.

Colocasia esculenta is commonly known as Taro, true cocoyam, old cocoyam and several common names while Xanthosoma sagittifolium is referred to as tannia, yatua, malanga, callalo, coco or new cocoyam [ 6 ]. Flowering of wild cultivars literaturs common in its natural environment but when they are transferred from this optimal natural environment to field conditions they often continue to flower, sometimes even more intensively but the inflorescences are smaller with little or no pollen.


Despite its socio-economic relevance, production has declined persistently since the last decade. The supernatant was decanted and then the sample was reweighed. Using manioc starch diluted in water and spraying it over fabrics before ironing helps stiffen collars.

literature review on cocoyam

Repeated backcrossing offers a reviiew to eliminate deleterious genes from wild populations. Proceedings of the 8th triennial symposium of State, Nigeria. Cassava tubers and hay are used worldwide as animal feed. It has been reported that of all the solid nutrients present in roots and tubers like cocoyamcarbohydrates predominate [26].

During the slave trade it was taken to Africa and since the nineteenth century it has been cultivated in Pacific islands and Asia because of its resistance to pests and diseases. Cocoyam has been associated review oxalate [11]. In addition, limited genetic advancement in post-harvest and organoleptic properties is visible. Early breeding programs used narrow genetic base and heterosis was not evident as most hybrids produced were susceptible to diseases.

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Cassava-based dishes cocoyam widely consumed wherever the plant is cultivated; some have regional, national, or ethnic importance. Sam J, Dapaah H. In trials with gamma-radiation, a minimum of 7 kGy was required to increase the shelf life of poi to days Moy et al. On hydrolysis, these release hydrocyanic acid HCN. Asadu, et althe United Agricultural Extensions System UAES which ensures a single line of command in the review of technologies to the farmers has not been fully implemented for logistics reason, especially with the cessation of work of the donor funds that were used for the take-off of this review instrument.

This limited use is attributed to the acridity problem, which renders the leaves, petioles, and corms unacceptable for use without costly, high-energy preparation Tang and Sakai, Cocoyam are herbaceous perennial plants belonging to the family araceae and are grown primarily of their edible roots, although all parts of the plant are edible.


Those who depend heavily on the crop for survival —the most vulnerable groups—have neither the resources nor the voice to influence its future. It contains dietary fibre and higher protein contents than the majority of the tropical root crops.

The tissue culture derived plants may have a lower endogenous level of GA, and spraying them with an artificial source may have provided an optimum level of GA for vegetative and reproductive growth [ 92 ]. Detailed passport information under conservation should be readily available using standardised and commonly agreed descriptor list among stakeholders. Although the total cost of production did not Equipment and machinery signiicantly difer with respect to production systems, Cutlass Impure planting material made up of mixed varieties, which may not be suitable for the different requirements.

literature review on cocoyam

The phenotypic expression of abnormal floral structures is strongly influenced by nongenetic ,iterature [ 35 ]. For commercial handling purposes, packing in polyethylene bags often follows the selection of good quality corms, fungicide application and draining, and air-drying.

Nwabuzor noted that cocoyam can be consumed in various forms when boiled, fried, pounded or roasted.

Towards an Enhanced Breeding in Cocoyam: A Review of Past and Future Research Perspectives

cockyam Muscle cramps are one of the common side effects of low potassium levels. Among the root crops, taro is perhaps most widely prepared or processed into more consumable forms.

Of particular concern are the cyanogenic glucosides of cassava linamarin and lotaustralin. The implementation of recommendations in respect to status of cocoyam production in West and Central Africa could serve as a working document for the region cocouam should be given utmost priority.

But for tions of leaf harvesting on vegetative growth and cormel yield of them, this study would not have been possible.