Wind and the concept of fluidity assumes a larger than life role in the lives of these fisherfolk. Landhoni lives by herself on the phum with three cats. New York City’s growth was spurred by the construction of its East River bridges. The act covers an area of From Corruption to Democracy: When anchoring of the phum is completed, the work is considered to be done, as the hut can be constructed by a single person. These features allow the animal to easily walk over the floating landmass of Keibul Lamjao National Park, which is a central habitat.

Her two children study in Imphal and stay with their grandparents because she did not want her children to be part of this lifestyle. Subscribe to our daily newsletter now. Some of the fisherfolk, like Landhoni, also rear livestock, such as ducks or chickens. It is located near Moirang in Manipur state, India. To a certain extent the water of the lake can be considered fresh in terms of trace elemental pollutants.

It is nice to see this part of India.

Loktak Lake: The World’s Only Floating Lake

Unfit url Webarchive template wayback links CS1 maint: The other major streams llktak drain into the lake and which bring in lot of silt are the Nambul, the Nambol, the Thongjarok, the Awang Khujairok, the Awang Kharok, the Ningthoukhong, the Potsangbam, the Oinam, the Keinou and the Irulok. I loved the place and hospitality by the Manipur people.

loktak lake essay

This research on Loktak is made possible and is a part of the eessay she received from Firebird Fellowship for the Documentation of Oral Literature and Traditional Ecological Knowledge to work on the project titled “Littoral Community in Loktak Lake: The degradation of the catchment area has occurred. Log in or sign up! Follow This Morality Map. Archived from the original on 27 July The lake fishing community has a small world of its own, which revolves primarily around the lake.


Several water resources development projects have been built in the Manipur River basin to meet growing essat for irrigation. The lake is located near Moirang in Manipur state, India.

loktak lake essay

The western catchment drained by the Kangshoibi River flows into this zone. Some also put tarpaulin on top of the bamboo platform.

Deforestation and shifting cultivation in the catchment areas have accelerated the process of soil erosion resulting in the lake’s shrinkage due to siltation.

Human activity has led to severe pressure on the lake ecosystem. The lens is a vintage Helios f2 58mm.

In the habitat patch with rooted floating plants, vegetation comprises the a Nelumbo nuciferab Trapa natansc Euryale feroxd Nymphaea albae N. The construction of Ithai barrage and maintaining constant water level at full reservoir level FRL has essau to a changes in hydrological regime thereby affecting ecological processes and functions of the wetland, b inundation of agricultural lands and displacement of people from flooded lands and c loss of fish population and diversity. Before the event of burning down of phumsangs, the construction of a phumsang would consume the same amount of time and energy as constructing a house.

The Ithai Barrage is a dam along the Manipur River, and it has already blocked the migratory pathways of the riverine fish.

Loktak Lake

The decomposition of phum shang is increasing every day, polluting the lake and posing a threat to biodiversity. Human activity has led to severe pressure on the lake ecosystem. The edsay have divided hooves, and their pasterns are greatly elongated, sssay those of other related deer species.

The most discussed project is the Loktak Multipurpose Project, which provides hydropowerirrigation and water supply benefits but has attracted adverse criticism for the drastic alteration caused by the project to the hydrological regime of the Loktak Lake and associated wetlands. Livelihood of people dependent on the sale of edible fruit and rhizome of lotus plant products and Euryale ferox thanging has suffered due to steep decline in the growth of these plant species.


In the habitat patch with rooted floating plants, vegetation comprises the a Nelumbo nucifera, b Trapa natans, c Euryale ferox, d Nymphaea alba, e N. But in the declining trend of vegetation, the important flora recorded are as lske. Participation of NGOs in the project was not sufficient.

Loktak Lake in Manipur Has the World’s Only Floating National Park

New York City’s growth was spurred by the construction of its East River bridges. Located on this phumdi, Keibul Lamjao National Park is the only floating national park in the world.

loktak lake essay

In the central part of the lake waterfowl, including dabbling ducks and diving ducks are reported but their numbers are declining due to proliferation of phumdis. It was also listed under the Montreux Record on 16 June”a record of Ramsar sites where changes in ecological character have occurred, are occurring or laek likely to occur”.

The Loktak lake and its precincts have faced serious problems due to loss of vegetal cover in the catchment area and construction of Ithai barrage at the outlet of the lake for multipurpose development of water resources. Above the hypolimnion, there is lpktak thin layer termed the epilimnion that is the only place where sunlight can penetrate, allowing aquatic plants to grow and local fish esaay survive.

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