Are you partnering with startups or huge companies or both? Our MakerPrep program is tangential to the workshops but is paid, and also plays in that space. You can go through doing the minimum, and you’ll become a competent engineer; or you can maintain a thirst for knowledge, and you’ll do some bad-ass stuff. Their experience and background make the bootcamp that much more interesting. Attending MakerSquare was the best decision I have made in my life. About MakerSquare Visit Website.

My thesis project is Trippian: Potential students have the option of attending an immersive or part-time class schedule. What was the application and interview process like when you were applying for MakerSquare? What has this meant for the two full-stack, JavaScript bootcamps who have both boasted killer job placement rates and starting salaries? I decided to look at MakerSquare and found qualified candidates that have the skills to learn quickly. Do I need to relocate to attend your program?

During the program they were always the first to arrive in the morning and the last to leave at night, and were constantly finding coruse ways to make the course even better. Featured Schools The Tech Academy. Students can expect to spend a minimum of 64 hours every week in our environment. I was able to land an amazing job within about a month of graduating the course.

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They were very techie, they couldn’t explain things to us and we couldn’t understand what was happening. So we started learning HTML, and one thing led to another, just getting deeper into couse the computer, to build stuff. Furthermore, the instructors and staff are genuinely excited to meet you and assist you on your path to a software engineer. I saw others work insane hours, amkersquare out, and start to get sick and miss days.


The environment at MakerSquare had both pre serious and relaxing environment. Grind comes fully stocked with a full kitchen, access to coffee, tea, mkaersquare do happy hour sometimes, various community activities, and weekly yoga sessions. Initially I had no idea what to expect. The most important thing that MakerSquare will provide you during your time here is the work to become an autonomous learner.

If the tuition scares you it scared meyou can look into their lending partners Pave, Climb, and WeFinance. Generally we, the bootcamps, respond on here in time.

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We improve our curriculum and iterate on it daily, but at the very least, every new cohort is seeing something new, the goal is to have it better than previous ones. They count internships and contracted jobs into their numbers and pressure you to take jobs that you don’t want or feel excited about so that they can coure their “numbers. Almost all the pieces of this program are present in order to craft you into a software engineer: You work on it for three weeks — longer than our other projects.

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I was referred to my second job, and I sent a cold email to get my third job. So it was a short lecture followed by a lot of coding. Other trends include job placement outcomes, the gender imbalance in tech, acquisitions and investments, and paying for bootcamp.

makersquare pre course work

Congrats on the change! Definitely you will come out with breadth of knowledge in 3 months which will help you in your pde. Our launches in Los Angeles and San Francisco have been so successful, we were looking at new markets, trying to work out where MakerSquare would fit well next.


At the end, we have the greenfield project. This is not to say that the program has no imperfections. Our experienced and bilingual engineering teams provide end-to-end delivery of technology solutions.

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The moment you step out of your comfort zone and solve a problem, you’re hooked. But I always had an analytical mind, and if it wasn’t for a crazy few life events, I never would have learned I had the talent, never would have gone to MakerSquare Learned everything I needed to to get a job at makwrsquare company I had always dreamed of working at.

They also cover Agile development, scrums, and coursr.

A lot of people want to be developers because it pays well, but this is a very frustrating daily job. I feel like I could write a book on that. This dissertation webster dictionary so valuable for when you are interviewing courss jobs after the course.

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For our final project we all worked together as a cohort on the same project. NodeJS, Angular, Meteor and Express are just a few of the libraries, frameworks and platforms students work with. You make mistakes, you get lost, and you learn through collective struggle.