The first couple of minutes we managed to keep our mouths shut because we didn’t meet anyone. I knew she didn’t feel well. It is autumn, a beautiful October morning. I think the reason is that you are making less and less explicit dealings with the question. With that in mind, I have moulded my essay to a possible question which is written in the document. Be sure that all credit goes to the composer. A lunch feast follows, but the cost of the meal will break the brides family finances.

I tried to think of something that would cheer her up and suddenly remembered her friend’s tale about the goat. He puts it inside the doo. The atmosphere was tense and all of us behaved extremely well, with the older boys looking after the younger ones. Our niang would put a one-fen coin into a dumpling and whoever found it was destined to have luck throughout the year. There was also a chicken yard, but again, the chickens never received enough food to produce many eggs, and the few they did lay were sold in the market for badly needed cash.

My parents continued apologising to the angry teacher on her way out and begged her to come back another day. We called them “the vomitable worm killers”. I dearly wanted to stay on the kang to feast on her delicious food with the rest of the family, but even more I wanted to be with my niang on this special night. Do you think anyone in their right mind would give away a milk- producing goat? During summer, every family’s front yard and roof was covered with slices of these yams drying in the sun.


She wanted the entire world to know I had stolen my friend’s toy car. She’d have white fibres all over her black hair and clothes. But I was born just twenty days before the Chinese New Year and this was the busiest time of the year for my mother, my niang.

I was too small to be of much help. Eventually all five toes grow together.

The teacher sat on one end of the kang and my niang on the other. Don’t think you can fool me again! He rose very early to cook us breakfast and rushed home to see my niang and cook us lunch. A few belnoging wording issues in those last two sentences. Thus showing the audience about your concept.

maos last dancer belonging essay

Or, “Rang huo tao man xia lai. We even broke one of the supporting mud bricks on the kang because we were jumping up and down like monkeys. He had poor eyesight, rotten teeth and a long silver beard. You should have come earlier.

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Just kill the big ones! Even worse, the carriers lowered her sedan chair to the ground, which is very unlucky: It was a good half-hour away.

Danfer would have been at least ten eggs in it! By the early ‘s, facing a severe shortage of doctors and nurses in the countryside, Mao ordered clinics and hospitals to train as many people as possible and send them to the countryside.


Many relatives, friends and essya visit during those three days, and on the first night people come to “make chaos”. They argued quietly at first, trying to keep it to themselves.

COM: Essay Exemplar: Year 10 English

She gently brushed my hands away from her face and sat me on her lap. It is my fault for not correctly specifying that it is not a speech. Finally, she sent her three youngest sons to get him. Sixteen strong men are hired to carry two sedan chairs for the three-hour journey from his village to the brides. She said to mwos mother, “Sien Yu’s brlonging, is this your son’s toy car?

After a few awkward moments, the groom says in his gentle voice, “Reiqing, bu yao pa, wu bu hui shang ni. Her husband might not like her appearance. It always made me want to vomit, but it was the most effective treatment for sore throats and coughs we had.

He too grew up with the rest of his brothers in that crowded house, and my mother eventually came to be known as “that lucky woman with seven sons”. I screamed and kicked as she dragged me home.

maos last dancer belonging essay