It will let your friends know who you are before getting access to their map. We are working on iPad and iWatch versions as well as a web version. Currently on all iOS phones with at least iOS7. To permanently delete your account, follow these simple steps: Order by Usage to order tags by number of places associated to them. Because you are going places.

Your email address is already in use? The “notify when close” feature is also great as it will hopefully remind me to check the map when I’m looking for places to eat or drink. Choose a new password and click Reset. Reset your password If you have forgotten your password, no worries! Do you want to be part of the beta testers? Click on the reset link Choose a new password and click Reset.

La rude trajectoire des start-up françaises BtoC

Vusiness up with Facebook Click on Sign in with Facebook. Search from the list view If you click on List at the top of a map, you can see all places on that map listed. With Mapstr you can build the map of your own world: Damned they’re just like Gremlins.

Go to Application Settings in the Settings and Help section.

I’ll mapsr a ticket now. Put this place as secret: The only mandatory attributes of a place, are its name, address and at least one tag.


mapstr business plan

Pretty useful when planning night outs! Get rid of all the restaurant business cards, notebooks, articles extracts Firstly, to find the team who share the same vision as you and who can help you executing your idea. Brilliant app, so handy for travelling. Either click on your profile picture or the Edit button at the top right corner. If so, take these simple steps to log back in to your mapstr account: To remember your best spots restaurants, bars, museums Click on the icon next to the search bar to pick one of these options.

Remember Your Favorite Places on Your Travels With Mapstr for iOS

We were very frustrated about not being able to save all our favorite places the way we wanted in Google Mapsso we decided to create Mapstr. By message, email, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Currently on all iOS phones with at least iOS7.

Change your account information You can edit almost everything in the app, to make it yours! What are your plans for the next six months? Have spoke to some friends who use it and they have had the same issue.

mapstr business plan

When I arrived there and tried to locate all those places on [Google Maps], I realised it was impossible to do so in an easy way. Paris Kids par Milk Magazine. If you are looking to use mapstr for professional reasons, please get in touch at partnerships mapstr. You can choose to send it by text, email, Messenger, Whatsapp or even on mapstr directly!


Mapstr wants to be the antithesis of Foursquare

Create, edit or delete a tag When you add tags to a place, you mapsrr use existing ones or create new ones. To add a place in mapstr you can do one of the following: Location This app may use your location even when it isn’t open, which can decrease battery life. Been using Mapstr for a couple of years now. Check out your email inboxes.

Review your Mobile and Email notification settings. Add maps to your Favorites by clicking on the three little dots next to Favorites.

mapstr business plan

Don’t forget that you may have created your account with Facebook, so check that too! Order by Usage to order tags by number of places associated to them. Are you selling city guides and wish to sell their content as maps on mapstr to our users?