Only declaration by first subscriber s and director s in INC-9 is mandatory and affidavit is NOT required to be filed. Until recently, millions of corporate representatives were required to visit ROCs just because most transactions were paper-based, leaving little or no room for value-added services. In the meanwhile, the stakeholders are requested to make such filings only after such format is made available. In all, the branches of 5 major banks across the country have been authorized to accept payment of statutory fees in off-line mode, while online payments can be made through credit card and internet banking with the help of a secure payment gateway. How H-Energy tackled emerging threats with an agile, scalable security solution.

Finally, the penalty clause for failing to keep up with the outcome is not significant. However, in response to the Mint questionnaire, the company said: L0 support involves automated services to users without any customer support. L2 support helps in resolving basic software installation or upgrades and also managing computer systems and servers. MCA21 is envisioned to provide anytime and anywhere services to businesses by Ministry of Company Affairs.

Minister terms MCA21 program a dawn of new era: An official at MCA stury asked not to be identified said the ministry hopes to address all glitches by the end of May.

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It appears that the service provider Infosys is the culprit”. One of the bigger challenges, Malik says, is trying to resolve the issue of stamp papers – a pesky state subject outside the realm of the central government.

We acse the digital divide on this day, with all future transactions being in the electronic mode only. In addition, the ministry has so far authorized over practicing chartered accountants, cost accountants and company secretaries to set up Certified Filing Centers CFCs for providing paid services to stakeholders.


mca21 case study

Csae company secretary is going to the MCA office every day. Today, from all across India and even abroad, people can access any filing by paying Rs 50 for a period of three hours.

mca21 case study

Public online access to corporate filings is available for a mere Rs The project supports establishment of a healthy business eco-system and aspires for a judicious blend of facilitation and compliance.

On January 17, a provisional Certification of Completion was awarded to TCS, signifying the commencement of operations and maintenance phase of the project. Stakeholders are advised to check the latest version before filing Office Order No.

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Sale Notice dated Today, almost 6 cawe companies in the country make their filings online. The MCA 21 project is an outcome of the MCA’s quest for simplifying forms, making forms e-centric, promoting online transactions, and reaching out to stakeholders in an economy that is growing fast and adjusting to the demands of globalization. MCA21 is envisioned to provide anytime and anywhere services to businesses by Ministry of Company Affairs.

Till cxse, Infosys has made no significant changes to the system, which continues to run in the old environment, which is managed by the incumbent vendor, Tata Communications. That is probably when the full benefits of the MCA program will be revealed.

Skip to main content A A. Invitation for Public Comments on the competition Act, The project harnesses information technology to provide stakeholders easy and secure access to the ministry’s services. Companies Incorporation Amendment Rules, Payments were required to be made only in cash or through demand draft.


This means the ministry should improve compliance management – be able to quickly swoop down on companies and bring them to book whenever necessary. Due to manual collection of information and verification processes, long queues were inevitable at official counters.

And what in the world do the numbers 2 and 1 stand for? L2 support helps in resolving basic software installation or upgrades and also managing computer systems and servers. Hence 21, for sutdy 21st century. Inthe MCA then known as the Ministry of Company Affairs decided that something must be done about companies operating in India—in a way to service them, regulate them and so on.

mca21 case study

The process of obtaining information was time-consuming for stakeholders, while the information the erstwhile system yielded was often inaccurate or outdated. The website is broken. The RFOs will help stakeholders during the period of transition from manual mode of document filing to an electronic filing system.

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It is a cae. MCA, one of India’s largest e-governance projects, has started a nearly paperless system of corporate filings, and holds the promise of improved corporate governance. Wait for it… Log in to our website to save your bookmarks.