Method marks are not usually lost for numerical errors, algebraic slips or errors in units. Question 6 This was very well done. A tiny minority gave all values to a different degree of accuracy to the one requested, thus losing two easy marks — although credit was still available for the plots and the line. Some candidates rounded off their calculator value, and then over-specified their final values This is achieved by withholding one A mark in the question.

In some cases the nature of the errors allowed for the award of an M mark may be specified. When a candidate adopts a method which does not correspond to the mark scheme, award marks according to the spirit of the basic scheme; if you are in any doubt whatsoever especially if several marks or candidates are involved you should contact your Team Leader. What followed often proved too difficult, and no further marks were earned. Remember that the mark scheme is designed to assist in marking incorrect solutions. Mathematics in Education and Industry MEI MEI is committed to improving mathematics education and promotes teaching and learning through different strands of activity. Question 2 Part i This was done very well.

A tiny minority gave all values to a different degree of accuracy to the one requested, thus losing two easy marks — although credit was still available for the plots and the line. A surprising number tried squaring top and bottom, or differentual an equation which they attempted to solve. The total number of marks for the paper is Question 8 Most candidates recognised one of the trigonometric identities required, and then made no further progress. It is vital that you annotate standardisation scripts fully to show how the marks have been awarded.


mei differential equations coursework mark scheme

A penalty is then applied; 1 mark is generally appropriate, though this may differ for some units. If OCR has unwittingly failed to correctly acknowledge or clear any third-party content in this assessment material, OCR will be happy to correct its mistake at the earliest possible opportunity.

mei differential equations coursework mark scheme

Log In Sign Up. Question 3 Many candidates scored full marks here. A common error was to omit the minus sign from the first term. Part ii Most recognised the arithmetic progression, but some were uncomfortable with a non-numerical a and made a spurious attempt to find its value.

One modelling assignment equqtions the use of differential equations at an appropriate level of sophistication.

NB Follow these maths-specific instructions rather than those in the assessor handbook. Question 10 Most candidates understood the initial step, but many omitted the courework and never recovered.

The A, M and B annotations must be used on your standardisation scripts for responses that are not awarded either 0 or full marks. Question 6 This was very well done.

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Skip to main content. On the other hand, when two or more steps are successfully run together by the candidate, the earlier marks are implied and full credit must be given. The table shows the reduction in thickness from its measurement in Question 4 Both parts were generally very well done, with many candidates scoring full marks. Task Selection Centres are encouraged to develop their own coursework tasks. HB pencil may be used for graphs and diagrams only. A Accuracy mark, awarded for a correct answer or intermediate step correctly obtained.


Give your answer correct to 3 decimal places. Sometimes the answer to one part of a question is used in a later part of the same question. Most plotted the points adequately and drew a single ruled line of best fit across the whole range of x-values to earn two marks.

Only a few candidates failed to show sufficient detail of their working to earn the third mark following a fully correct. Otherwise, A and B marks are given for coirsework work only — differences in notation are of course permitted. OCR download as a level gce mathematics mei ocr pdf download.

A-level Mathematics/MEI/DE

Please can anyone help, Integration, c3 mei, ocr maths!?!? It allows some areas of mathematics to be assessed that written examinations. Any blank pages are indicated. This page was last edited on 24 Septemberat Views Read Edit View history.


Mei ocr maths coursework

Past Papers Keele Maths. Premature approximation followed by over-specification of final answers also cost some candidates easy marks. Unfortunately, many of them failed to score, in spite of their likely truth, as they were vague or missed the point.