With a need for minimal down time due to the availability requirements and service level agreements SLAs they had with their customers, they quickly realized that they would have a great deal of risk trying to internalize this type of project. Download Hollywood studio data center case study Challenge: Reminder To have a better experience, please upgrade your IE browser. This solution was the most economical and that would meet their bandwidth and performance needs. Printer-friendly version Send to friend Login to post comments.

VoIP, data, net-backups, web traffic, now share the same pipes without degradation of quality or slowdowns to critical systems. I accept required cookies only. Data Centre Videos Latest Schneider case studies, references and educational videos. Currently, the solution serves in more than 6, data centers around the world. Inefficient cooling system raising operating costs Download Hollywood studio data center case study Challenge: Working with key client personnel in an objective manner, each response was evaluated and criteria weighted against requirements and business goals. The results were a selection of vendors that would exceed the clients needs.

Processes were created for temporary change management during the project and cultural change was driven by key stakeholders.

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Huawei AI Fabric Solution leverages its ultra-high-speed lossless Ethernet with zero packet loss and low latency to support distributed storage applications. Latest thought-provoking content and market insights from Schneider’s executives and subject-matter experts. A practical guide to data centre planning and design This brief, but thorough, eBook guide provides tips, helpful links and references.

Download Hollywood studio data center case study Challenge: By doing so in a controlled environment each asset and application owner was able to identify issues that might arise during the physical migration.


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By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. There were several strategies developed to complete data_xenter system migrations.

networking solutions case study data_center

Innovative Solutions in Data Centers. The Chat is available now. Before any equipment is selected, before any topology is chosen, before the floor plan is envisioned, we listen carefully to your data centre requirements. The solution provides unified management of all resources with security policies that flexibly match service changes and lower service provisioning and interruption time. The new network architecture has provided the client with a highly available solution that utilizes available bandwidth and resources efficiently and fairly with comprehensive Quality of Service, QoS.

networking solutions case study data_center

Download colocated data center case study Challenge: The solution works with the Huawei Agile Controller and FabricInsight intelligent network analysis platform. Search for a nearby reseller and betworking direct contact information.

networking solutions case study data_center

This allowed each owner to document solutions and work around to problems without the tight tolerances associated with the physical moves. By continuing to use this site you agree to the use of cookies. Home Data Center Solutions. Data Centre Blogs Latest thought-provoking content and market insights from Schneider’s executives and subject-matter experts.

A hyper-converged system allows the integrated technologies to be managed as a single system through a common toolset. Privacy Netwodking of use. Some systems could tsudy be physically moved due to high availability and SLA requirements. This client recognized early on that they were going to need help with this initiative. Instor mapped out the detailed project plan for the [ Choose a challenge and see what we did to solve it. We will deliver the solutions our customers need by vigilant pursuit of expertise in the latest technology innovations casw best practices.


From energy and sustainability consulting to optimising the life cycle of your assets, we have services to meet your business needs. Managing the Physical Move Moving a data center takes thorough planning and strong co-ordination to accomplish within defined move windows. National Research and Education Network.

Additionally, the solution provides fabric models for various industrial scenarios and supports on-demand flexible customization through self-services to rapidly complete the design of cloud data solutiona network solutions in the industry. They will need to be flexible, modular and readily adaptable to changing IT infrastructure and economic cost models.

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Persistent VDI provides each user with his or casd own desktop image, which can be customized and saved for future use, much like a traditional physical desktop.

Hyper convergence drives away the problems of discrete, hardware-defined systems. Extropy worked with the customer key stake holders to develop standards and requirements for the new data center on which to evaluate potential vendor solutions.