Heller asked me about my influences — I spoke…. A legendary educator and philosopher, Maxine was to me my teacher, an advisor, and most importantly my friend. It opens Friday the 30th and will be up through the end of November. With these three pages, I wrap up the Flatland-related sequence Part one here that bridges the gap between the heavily metaphorical Chapter One and the slightly less so Chapter Two. This group of students came from all… Read More. I set myself a small goal of making a short piece inspired by something that occurred in the class or the reading.

If you know someone in the area — send them over! The show features local and national artists, and apparently… Read More. Moving fast to keep in place is a nearly direct quote from Through the Looking Glass. Department of English, Princeton University. On this page, I took up…. While all but the title page have been posted previously, this is a chance to read them….

A lengthy stint of jury duty has delayed some updates here — but a few things. This week sees the release of the collection of nearly eousanis my comics over the last several years! These are around pages 8 and 9.

While all but the title page have been posted previously, this is a chance to read them…. Your comment will be queued in Akismet!

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Print Mag interview with renowned design critic Steven Heller. While he was living in Detroit, Sousanis’ own artwork appeared in a number of shows in the Detroit area, including a billboard for the Ferndale, Michigan Public Art Project.


The entire piece is devoted to the graphic novel and art education — all scholarship in comics form. My family dissrtation always observed the solstice with particular significance — and perhaps dissertxtion offers a reminder of hope and brighter days to come in dark times.

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Brazil — Unflattening in Portuguese! Willow Wilson from pm. The dissertafion to work with Jim… Read More. But as I prepare to move on to next steps, I thought it was important to pause here and publicly acknowledge all those whose support has helped make this possible.

Check it out here and come on over to the new site! A longer version of this post is here.

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Wishing you well as we approach the shortest day of the year and the approach of the days getting longer again. Mine includes a lot of developments in science and mathematics and music — sampling… Read More. Presentations this week… A full week ahead of talking comics. Foot Work Leave your footprints on my dissertation — and win a signed page!

I have this conversation all the time: Lots of news to start the new year!

nick sousanis dissertation

So last May, I presented at the SequentialSmart conference centered around comics and education at Juniata College in sosanis Pennsylvania. I had a great time meeting new people, talking about my work, and checking out other works when time permitted to sneak away from my table.


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Hastac Talk Happy New Year! Catch the second session tonight and be part of whatever… Read More. My individual component of….

This group of students came from all….


See you at www. Another new page, this time addressing how the unique ecosystem that is comics facilitates visual-verbal interaction — with mentions of the work of RC Harvey, David Lewis, and Edward Tufte. Microsoft Exhibition Wrap Back from an susanis trip in Seattle and sharing a little update on all that went on in the exhibition and talk at Microsoft Research — Building With thanks to the US and Canadian postal services, I was thrilled for my very own copy of Unflattening to arrive last week!

New Models, Methods, Media”. Chapter Four is finished!! So the dissertation is defended, finished, and I graduated. About a month to go to the release of Unflattening!