An inhibition and disaggregation study. Sahu, P K Study of hydrogen assisted cracking in ship building grade steel. Mahato, Subham Expanded graphite fortified magnesia-carbon refractories: Shereef , Amal Hisham E. Bisai, R A study on modes of rock failure under uniaxial compression.

Shrimali, Aditya Prakash Studies on phase formation in high alumina cement by varying manufacturing parameter and effect of those phases in refractory castable. Jyoti, Ghoshna Design of heat integrated multiple effect evaporator system. A Molecular Dynamics Simulation Study. Akula, H Particle swarm optimisation based DG allocation in primary distribution networks for voltage profile improvement and loss reduction. Bonala, Sathyam A study on neural network based system identification with application to heating, ventilating and air conditioning hvac system.

Kurma, Satish Vibration and stability of composite panels with geometrical discontinuities.

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Dikshit, Vishwesh Development of compact copper-stainless steel heat exchanger using diffusing bonding techniques. Kawaduji, Chaudhari Khushal Discrete-time slip control algorithms for a hybrid electric vehicle. Mishra, B Study of power conditioning system of superconducting magnetic energy storage system.

B, Mallikarjun Response of extended eulerbernoulli beam under impulse load using wavelet spectral finite element method. S, Naga Mahendra Babu Processing, characterization and tribological evaluation of peek-glass fiber composites.

Kaur, Kamaljeet Fuzzy logic based control of variable speed cage wind generation system. N, Krishna A study of eigenvector based face verification in static images. Prasanth, S V Non linear buckling analysis of laminated composite twisted plates. Optimization of Tensile Strength. Verma, Chuneshwar Lal Design of an air distribution system. Panda, Sujata Mteh study on deformation behaviour of Cu- Al2O3 metal matrix composite with the variation of size and volume fraction of reinforcement particle.


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Pujapanda, Asim and Acharya, Sibashish Priyadarshi Identification of control chart patterns using neural networks.

Singh, Vivek Analysis of process parameters of plasma arc cutting using design of experiment. Mohanty, Prashant Kumar On edge detection of images using ant colony optimization and fisher ratio.

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Behera, Litu Mechanical property investigation of hardened and tempered ductile iron. Rana, Hemanta Kumar Dynamic analysis of fixed-fixed beams. Naveen S, Namasivaya Microwave assisted calcium phosphate coatings on carbon fiber reinforced polyether-etherketone composite scaffolds for implant applications.

Devarapalli, Avinash Babu Static hand gesture segmentation for images with complex background; detection and tracking of dynamic hand gesture.

Kumar, D Pradeep Investigations on shunt active power filter for power quality improvement.

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R, Ganesh Geo-engineering properties of sedimented flyash deposit stabilized by lime pile. Nath, Amar Implementation of enterprise applications based on service oriented architecture. Purohit, Abhilash Dephosphorization of steel produced from sponge iron in the induction furnace. Prathima, Addanki Location management in cellular networks using soft computing algorithms.


Sirisha, Y Sai Hydrodynamic study and drying of grains in a tapered fluidized bed. Pati, Nivedita Design of robust controllers for dc-dc converters. Sankar, Paraselli Bheema Measurement of air breakdown voltage and electric field using standad sphere gap method. Dhulapelly, Madhuker A soft error mitigation scheme hhesis increase the resilience of register file.

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Yadu, Gitika Understanding the physiological effect of a motivational song on the heart and the autonomic nervous system of male volunteers by ECG and RR interval signal processing and analysis. DasShilpi Batch study removal of copper ions from water by using ion exchange resin. Kumar, S Transform domain filtering in incremental and diffusion strategies over distributed networks.

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Teja, CH H S Ravi Analysis of grid synchronization techniques for distributed generation system during grid abnormalities. Answered Sep 27, Jena, Tapas Ranjan Controller hit network protocol; design to tape out. JainGarima Removal of copper and zinc from wastewater using chitosan. This list was generated on Wed May 22

nit raurkela mtech thesis