Pulp capping, Pulpotomy, Apexogenesis, Apexification. Digestive system – General structure of GI tract and innervations. There should be more emphasis on didactic lectures and major part of the learning time should be devoted to demonstrations, group discussions, seminars, clinical work and conferences stressing more on prevention of oral diseases instead of traditional teaching on curative aspects to enable them to develop expression, character and personality and other qualities essential for a dental postgraduate to serve the community and nation effectively. Restorative, Surgical, rehabilitation b Preventive oral health care procedure. It may be structured and assessment should be done using checklists that assess various aspects.

Fixed appliance typhodont exercises. Cysts, and tumors of odontogenic origin and fibro-osseous lesions. Radiation Physics – Nature of radiation, composition of matter. Date Table 4 Lectures taken for undergraduate students Admission Year: It not only helps teachers to evaluate students, but also students to evaluate themselves. Psychology — Crider, Goethals and Kavanaugh Journal of Dentistry

Various treatment modalities in Orthodontics — Preventive, Interceptive and Corrective. Assessment should be done using checklists thesia assess the various aspects. Regressive alterations of teeth.

Post and core preparation and fabrication in relation to anterior and posterior teeth a Anterior casting – 4 b Posterior casting – 2 8. II Year Minor oral surgery and higher surgical training. Concepts, Techniques and materials used for different procedures.

Ntr university thesis guidelines

Every candidate appearing MDS degree examination for the first time shall submit 4 typed written copies of dissertation prepared under the direction, guidance and to the satisfaction of the guide of the research topic undertaken by the candidate. NTR University of Health sciences is a quarterly peer-reviewed for publication are copy edited for grammar, punctuation, print style, and format.


Autonomic nervous system Sympathetic and Parasympathetic. Mycology – General properties of fungi, classification bases on disease, superficial, subcutaneous, deep opportunistic infections. Be humble, accept the limitations in our knowledge and skill, guidelinws ask for help from colleagues when needed.

It may be structured and assessment be done using checklists that assess various aspects. Applied Basic Sciences I.

Ntruhs pg dissertation guidelines

Ntruhs Pg Thesis Writing. Basic principles of orthopaedic surgery, bone diseases and trauma as relevant to Maxillofacial Surgery, interpretation of radiographs, Thsis, MRI and Ultrasound. After the college hours the PGs are expected to utilize the college library for reference books and journals, preparing seminars, journal clubs, index cards for library dissertation and university dissertation.

Salivary glands, functional anatomy of mastication, deglutition and speech. Precancerous lesions and conditions 7. Approach Topics to be covered as seminars. The candidate should be able to – Take the history, conduct clinical examination including all diagnostic procedures to arrive at diagnosis at the individual level and conduct survey of the community at state and national level of all conditions related to oral health to arrive at community diagnosis.


Composite inlay class 2 However, the percentage of seats sharing by competent authority and management of the institutions will be decided by Government of Andhra Pradesh from time to time.

ntruhs pg thesis topics

Posting to a cancer center to familiarize with the pathological appearances, diagnosis, radio-diagnosis and treatment modalities.

International Dental Journal Oral screen and double oral screen 7. Removable dies Note: Evaluation of the PGs is done chair side and if they are found lacking in any area they are not allowed to handle the cases until they gain knowledge in the same. Each student should present a minimum of five seminars each year.

ntruhs pg thesis guidelines

Should be held once in a month. Topic Staff Signature Name: Drugs for emesis, reflux and digestive disorders.

ntruhs pg thesis guidelines

Ecstasy dissertation These specialists ensure. The dissertation shall be referred to the examiners and acceptance of it by the examiners shall be precondition and eligibility criteria for the candidate to appear written examination. Case history taking with recording of a.

ntruhs pg thesis guidelines

Identification and isolation of microorganisms from infected root canals.