Typically, the respondent, the complainant, and their advisors pose all questions through the chairperson of the panel. During the summer session, full-time status requires 12 credits of course work within 12 weeks. Indeed, as is discussed below, the thesis preparation process is best thought of as taking longer than a single semester. Although the administration of the NYU School of Professional Studies does not supervise attendance of classes, students are expected to attend all classes. Students who have completed all requirements and coursework except thesis or senior project are NOT eligible for readmission.

The NYU School of Professional Studies requires continuous enrollment of graduate students each fall and spring semester until the degree sought is granted. Students who reapply and complete all requirements that are current at the time of reapplication will NOT need to pay retroactive matriculation fees while they were absent. Project proposals that are not viewed by CGA faculty as making a satisfactory contribution to global affairs will not be permitted to proceed. It is an online, real-time virtual session with and all participants logged in simultaneously. If any curriculum changes have been made, the readmitted student will need to adhere to the new curriculum. Expand All Collapse All.

nyu scps thesis

MS in Global Security, Conflict, and Cybercrime Through the core curriculum; a choice of specialization courses; and a graduate thesisteam-based capstone project, or virtual internship, students You must be mindful of all deadlines pertaining to your graduation.

Students may request to withdraw from any course for which they are registered and automatically receive a “W” by using the class withdrawal process in Albert. Residency Requirement and Transfer Credit.

Students who seek transfer credits for previous graduate level work must demonstrate that the course work meets the following criteria for each course taken: Submitting creative works, including images or reproduction of the creative works, of another person without proper attribution.


The schedule is posted in a grey-outlined box located below the course learning objectives. In sdps where the student is alleging that the decision or the proceedings at the hearing were arbitrary or unfair, the Dean will review the appeal. Students are entitled to refunds on tuition according to the refund thessi published by the Dcps Office of the Bursar. Demonstrates poor understanding of all learning outcomes and core concepts; requires extensive improvement.

If projects are not completed by the date specified you may not graduate on time! The student must be prepared for a final decision that either preserves the original grade, is a higher grade, or lowers the original grade, since no further grade protests of the same course will be considered.

This distinction will be awarded solely on the basis of the overall quality of the thesis, as measured ynu all components featured dcps the current thesis grading rubric, including the defense of thesis presentation. Medical Leave of Absence International students requiring a leave of absence or permission to take less than a full course load for medical reasons are eligible to stay in the United States, subject to conditions set forth by the Department of Homeland Security in accordance with information provided by a physician.

Guidelines for this presentation will be given to students in advance i. In addition, an Incomplete Contract must be signed by the student, the instructor, and the academic chair. The Committee will consist of the following members:. However, capstone advisors have the discretion to require that individual students submit alternative or additional written components e.

Diploma Programs are separate programs with a sequenced, prescriptive curriculum and required admissions process.

Thesis & Capstone Project Guidelines

The capstone should reflect both academic and professional knowledge in global affairs. The Committee Designee then asks the Respondent and Complainant to provide supporting documents and evidence within five ynu days. Students may not retake a course for credit in which an “R” is granted. Office of the Registrar. For our safety, and to ensure that University facilities and resources are available only to those authorized to use them, the PSO’s and guards must be vigilant throughout the year.


The project offers you the chance to work with a startup company or nonprofit organization and propose a solution to a real business need. Students who are admitted to a Diploma Program are expected to use the English language. What qualifies my academic transcript as “official”? Our excellent faculty represent a wealth of professional interests and expertise!

The Capstone Project

If a range of dates scpz listed, the course meets on every specified day within that range. Generally, you will receive email notification within five business days of your application submission.

nyu scps thesis

At the beginning session of each class, faculty is required to distribute a class syllabus with their availability for appointments and the best means by which to contact them. Other offenses against academic integrity include the following: Can I suspend my enrollment during the semester?

Graduate Academic Policies and Procedures

The Respondent, Complainant, or Witnesses are not nyk to communicate directly during the hearing. As part of the evaluation of your candidacy, the Admissions Committee requires a sample of your writing as an indication of how your intended program of study relates to your objectives. The Committee has jurisdiction over academic disciplinary matters involving all students—whether visiting, matriculated, or noncredit—taking classes at NYUSPS in graduate, undergraduate, and continuing education academic programs.