The chosen winner will win a prize from the segment’s sponsor. The Best round deals with a very easy trivia question. The ten winners of the competition became the original members of the new dance group that officially debuted in the show in August It initiated the return of the said dance group to the show, after leaving the noontime show months earlier of that same year due to a rift with both SexBomb Girls and Eat Bulaga! The Better Woman

The dance contest serves as a promotional segment for the song “I Keep On Saying” by Filipino pop rock band Nexxus after its release in This entirely new concept was eventually entitled Kalyeserye. Their presence filled the void left by Doktora Dora de Explorer’s character also played by Bayola , who has left the previous day because she has to attend a seminar in South Africa. Philippine Daily Inquirer, Inc. Audience members and Eat Bulaga! For the second round, the contestants will do an acting challenge, wherein each contestant will be given a certain scenario, with the contestants and certain EB Dabarkads taking their assigned roles and will do an acting scene according to the given scenario. The Clash since StarStruck since

We are trying to maintain the spontaneity because that is a big part of its charm. This page was last edited on 26 Augusthulaga Other beauty pageants are Super Sireynawhich is regarded as the first gay beauty pageant on Philippine television after its launch probldmand Fat-Talbugana breakthrough pageant that gave heavy people a chance to show that big can also be beautiful. Dance groups perform either to the song ” Jai Ho!

The production of new Lenten specials was put on hold in It features the love stories of several Eat Bulaga! It features Eat Bulaga! Unlike the traditional rules of the game, the players are crouched down inside a sack that reaches up to their neck.


problem solving eat bulaga feb 23 2015

Each player has a signaling device, also called a buzzer, to signal in at any time during the question to give an answer. The eventual meeting and second showdown oroblem Machete and Achuete happened on April 2, In the final round, the player is presented with several Dabarkads, each holding different amounts of cash prize.

The highlight of the beauty pageant are the funny antics 20115 the contestants, including their ridiculous answers to serious questions and their humorous performances in the talent portion.

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Homeviewers may email their problem or directly call the hosts to share their problem on air. The segment has several reincarnations throughout the years, with the mechanics solvign several reincarnations slightly tweaked and added several challenges and twists, such as GuhEat Bulaga! In the event of bad weather, the studio hosts select seven entries.

The goal of the game is to luckily pick a card that is higher than the opponent’s. Hidden inside the boxes is either a “1” or a “0”.

problem solving eat bulaga feb 23 2015

With the exception of Paolo Ballesteros, all contestants are gay comedians who are dressed in drag. Most Requested Trip is a game segment that is similar to musical chairsexcept in a commuter train setting. A second batch of thirty EBest scholars are chosen again in The segments are organized alphabetically by title. The raffle promo ran from March to Septemberwith 12 weekly draws and the grand draw televised in Eat Bulaga!

For the first round, the contestants must showcase their talents. Paolo Ballesteros impersonates Megan Young during the spoof pageant. The objective is to climb up the pyramid to the jackpot prize by answering questions contained inside the smaller squares. In Aprilthe ratings of Eat Bulaga! It is an educational segment which aims to raise an awareness on how doing small things can make a big impact.


Batang Star is a talent contest for kids.

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The group officially debuted on August of that year. GMA Network current and upcoming original programming. Veb appearance of other characters like the luxurious Frankie Arenolli and the socialite DuhRizz make things even more complicated for the amorous pair.

If the player cuts all the correct wires, the bomb is defused and money is added to the team’s bank. The goal of the geb is to showcase to the viewers, as well as to the EB Dabarkads who will take the challenge themselves, the idea on how the staffs and crews behind the camera work to run the show. Beneath the performance is parody of the highest type. The segment can be considered as a continuation of the previous talent segment Kakaibang Bidabut its name emphasizes that anyone can join the competition.

The chosen audience winner will win prizes from the show’s sponsors. The segment is fully scripted and the outcome of the competition is previously arranged.