The Presenter was very positive with the children and the helping parents. I will be booking again! Get ready for takeoff — pack a bag, grab your boarding pass, and find your seat! Goods — Items that are produced and have an economic value. Grade 2 to 6. Students use knowledge and strategic skills to apply the engineering and design process to solve challenges. Students will build and modify a model as they explore the basic elements and purpose of this simple machine and discover how mechanical advantage is used.

Primary solve resources, including premium downloadable, printable classroom activities and games. Compare and contrast colours, using terms such as lighter than, darker than, more blue, brighter than. By taking part in this workshop, the kids had a lot of fun and were able to solidify their basic understanding of colors and gain new insights and knowledge too. Through hands on activities, students will explore colours, tints and shades so that they can help Cam change colours just like the other chameleons! Students should recognize that some coloured liquids and gels can be seen through and are thus transparent and that other colours are opaque. Get the solve problem app for iOS or Android.

Communities in the World. Inclined Plane Students will learn how an inclined plane works then build and modify a model.

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Distinguish colours that are transparent from those that are not. Hit enter to search or ESC to close. These programs embed the competencies of critical thinking, problem solving, managing information, creativity, innovation, communication, collaboration and personal growth and well-being. The children were enthusiastic and engaged and this was a direct reflection of the way the Presenter interacted with them.


Knowledge and Understanding Identify colours in a variety of natural and manufactured objects. They must use the Morse code solve to tpet the secret messages.

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I went to the other teachers solviing my school and told them how great this field trip was, and that they should for sure book for the upcoming school year. We were at the end of our unit so it was a great way for me to see and assess all that they had learned.

Airplane ride around the world Activities: Through exploring real life applications, students will build a model.

The Presenter was wonderful and she was able problek capture the interest of the students. These templates could be used for any subject, any. I liked that they imagined travelling around the world on an airplane with our presenter as the pilot.

Communities in the World

Screw Students will learn that a screw is an inclined plane wrapped around a cylinder that can prroblem push, pull or hold materials together. Global — Relating to the whole world.

Bridges By examining bridge design, students will recognize different forces acting on a bridge, types of bridges and how they work.

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They must use the Morse code alphabet tpet decode the problem messages. Problem solving tpetreview Rating: STEM is an integrated approach to learn about science, technology, engineering and math.

The consistency of the field trip and the variety of the stations is great.

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Evaluate ideas and information from different points of view Choose and justify a course of action Generate original ideas and strategies in individual and group activities compare and con-trast information from similar types of electronic sources, such as information collected on the Internet 3. Sign up Sign in Sign in. What is a wedge and how is it used in real life applications? Cam the Chameleon Colour Adventure Activities: Presented with an interesting challenge, students will use their design and engineering skills to solve a real world problem.


Through storytelling, movement and hands-on activities, students are engaged in creating a variety of modes of transportation using specialized materials. My students said this was their favourite field trip so far.

Creating Colour

Predict and describe changes in colour that result from the mixing of primary colours and from mixing a primary colour with white. Students should recognize that some coloured liquids and gels can be seen through and are thus transparent and that other colours are opaque.

Students will learn how an inclined plane works then build and modify a model. Order a group of coloured objects, based on a given criterion. Love the different types of bridges that can be built. These concepts and more are explored as students design, build, modify and engineer a wedge model and then use this information to create a specialized wedge to solve a challenge.