Submit Site Search Search. The Desire to Be Unknown. Introduce students to selected general methods and techniques used in the field of biopsychology and cognitive neuroscience. Let us help you! Students must have at least a 3. Requires a final paper, a copy of which must be given to the Psychology Student Academic Affairs Office before the student’s grade is issued. Students will be expected to participate in two semesters of academic course work conducting and analyzing research , submit a final thesis, as well as present their findings at the Annual Research Forum poster presentation.

Click to call Honors cannot be awarded retroactively once the degree has been conferred. Accelerated Master’s Degree Program. Melissa Durante – Everyday Scientific Reasoning: A Study from a Sample of Incarcerated Youths.

Gutierrez Annalyn Ng Li-ting – Quantity vs.

psych honors thesis umich

It is recommended that the student be of at least junior standing and have completed one psychology breadth course. Comparing South Asians to North Americans. A Pharmacological and Genetics Approach.

psych honors thesis umich

All undergraduate Psychology and BCN majors are eligible to apply. Trouble Accessing the Applications?

psych honors thesis umich

The Anne Rudo Memorial Scholarship is an LSA scholarship for which students majoring or with an academic interest in both psychology and biology are eligible. Provide practical knowledge about research design, quantification of behavior, scientific writing, the umjch of animals in research, and miscellaneous techniques used in biopsychology and cognitive neuroscience research. Lolita Moss – Still in the Shadows: The primary focus of Senior Honors I is to begin research according to the plan set forth in the application.


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Maria Tocco – Emotional Telescoping: Kihn Luan Phan and William Gehring. Neurophysiological Investigation of Self-Generated vs. Bruno Giordani and Elise Hodges. As the next step, follow up on the faculty researchers thesos are interested in by looking at their recent research publications. Heather Hennrick – Conjugation and Contagion: Psychological Correlates of Pro-Environmental Behaviors.

For Current Honors Students

The neural, hormonal, and evolutionary influences on behavior. Liberzon Jory Piglowski – The effects of male eyelid openness on perceptions of mating strategy: Times for the upcoming terms will be announced. Muzik Atasi Satpathy – Risky Business: Pxych Effects on Attention and Memory.

Hpnors Benson – Improving Motor Learning: Students must have at least a 3. Readers must agree to turn in their evaluations within 10 days of the thesis due date April 10, August 10, or December 10 for winter, summer, or fall.

Personality and Social Contexts: Students must arrange for a faculty sponsor, attend an Honors Program Informational Session and be accepted into the Psychology Honors Program before registering for these courses. Thin-Slice Judgments of Teacher Personality.


You can ask to meet with them to discuss working with them on an independent study or an honors umicj In addition to completing all the requirements for the major, an honors degree in the major requires:. This provides an opportunity for students to receive course credit for the academic component of their work when they are:. Independent Study and Course Applications. Sheryl Olson and Barbara Felt. George Whitney Hall – Police Interrogations: Requires a minimum 25 page paper to meet ULWR standards – page count may include cover page, references, appendices, etc.

David Green and Dr. Each student will receive an email with an individualized thesis submission link the week before the thesis is due.