Publish the argument essay. Reading handout – question 5 on loose leaf paper. Make sure you annotate and circle focus words. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here In your reading notebook, write three character traits and the supporting evidence based on the biography of Frida Kahlo. Write about the character traits from a character in your independent reading book.

What was it about? In my family, there are eight kids. How does the section Illness and Retirement illustrate the idea that Lou Gehrig’s impact went beyond baseball? Click Here for a copy of the theme handout. Skim through your independent short story and find two examples of:

Tuck test on Friday. How does the author illustrate that Chavez is determined? Raymond’s Run Person vs. Read the article about Military Kids and complete the response. Wat’s the problem with the laws or beliefs of people Asked by anonymous.

How does the author build suspense? You are commenting using your Facebook account. Select one statement and support your claim in your notebook.


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Perspective Foldable – Tuck Everlasting Select 2: How does the author illustrate the theme in “Thank You Ma’am”? Modern fleet of trucks. Thanks for developing products to help many people to work as I do.

raymonds run homework

What does the section Now What? Raymond’s Run Explain the last sentence in the story Asked by Damon3. You may print the lyrics or copy them on a piece of paper. Read for 30 minutes each day. The documentation is great and the featureset is phenomenal.

Our main activity is road transport. The end product is great and easy to use and configure.

raymonds run homework

Select a box from your writing bingo board and complete the task in your writing notebook. Thirty years ago, the first services we provided were customs clearance and storage. Click here for a copy of the outline. Bring in an independent reading book. An unusual part of nature C. Select eight words from your independent short story and label it as having a positive connotation or a negative connotation.


Select an assignment from your bingo board.

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Reading response – What is the best book you ever read? Bring in song lyrics. Published narratives are due Friday. What are three details you would include in a summary of this biography? My parents sure have their hands full with 3 sons and 5 daughters.

Complete the tone handout. How does the author introduce the article? Surprisingly, we all get along and have lots of fun every time we are together. You must have a total of three.