He still has many friends and admirers here, and that room will now always seem emptier knowing his voice will never again fill it. I just watched on videolectures. Sam had a singular gift: A central theme of his research was the systematic use of probabilistic frameworks to formulate and analyze learning algorithms. Of course all the things that I might want to say have already been said by people who knew Sam better. We will all miss him. Sam was an amazing individual.

Because of that, he is easily remembered and will be greatly missed. Sam was a dear friend of our family and we are all so, so sad. These inferred states can then be used as inputs to a pattern recognition or pattern completion module. Sam was an amazingly generous friend and truly inspiring colleague. Most recently, I had been enjoying his guidance and support for parenthood instead of academia, but as with everything else, with this, he was a gentleman: One effective use of learned models is made by performing model inversion or state inference on incoming observation sequences to discover the underlying state or control parameter trajectories which could have produced them. It has shocked me very much.

Linguistic theories and substantial psychophysical evidence argue strongly that articulatory model inversion plays an important role in speech perception and recognition in the brain.

He graduated from secondary school as valedictorian of the University of Toronto Schools inand obtained a bachelor’s degree with honours from the University of Toronto Engineering Science Program four years later.

Sam Roweis, Associate Professor

I am deeply saddened by this. Then we overlapped in London for his postdoc where he was both a great colleague professionally and a close friend personally.

sam roweis thesis

Because of that, he is easily remembered and will be greatly missed. I am glad to have found your site and to be able to see Sam giving his remarkable, coherent, respectful, humorous, and deeply intelligent lectures. Let me add my sorrow and condolences. I just watched on videolectures.


He was a wonderful person and amazing teacher. I worked with Meredith and met Sam a few times climbing. This is shocking news to me. In the case of neural and artificial sensory processing systems generative models are learned directly from environmental tthesis although they are often rooted in the underlying physics of the modality involved. Our friendship continued thrsis a time during university with a weekly chess lesson. He was also a strong advocate for the use of machine learning and computational statistics for scientific data analysis and discovery.

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Sam made several contributions to the then-nascent field of molecular and DNA computing. I still use his linear algebra and Gaussian distribution notes thessis references in my classes. A Caltech Library Service. I never met Sam but learned quite a lot from his work. He stood out as a clear and thoughtful speaker with a gift for teaching as well as research. Sam’s stay at Google, and the success of his computational roweix work, had renewed his interest in academic research.

Data driven production models for speech processing

For his wife and children it is surely so incomparably greater that I lack words. This was really shocking. He was always a good person to have in the group meetings, both because of his general optimistic influence and because of his sharp insights.

Most recently, I had been enjoying his guidance and support for parenthood instead of academia, but as sak everything else, with this, he was a gentleman: I discuss how these models can be used to learn a forward synthesis system which generates spectral sequences from articulatory movements. It spurred an entire new sub-field of machine learning, called manifold learning, and gathered a considerable amount of interest from other technical fields, including applied mathematics. He was charming, open and approachable… you really wanted to be around him, bask in his glow, absorb his energy.


I am just a student of Machine Learning from Indonesia. Sam was an amazing individual. Please, we would thdsis grateful if you would all repost your memories, loving thoughts and thoughtful comments there. eam

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I find it very difficult to write anything at all, because all I really want is for this to not have happened. His death is being called a suicide which is so incompatible with my understanding of Sam that it strains my credibility. His energy and his glow as Zoubin ssm put italong with his humor was incredibly infectious and it really crossed all boundaries.

sam roweis thesis

I echo the sentiments here — my head was going to explode at the hateful garbage being spewed elsewhere. Sam was a brilliant scientist and engineer whose work deeply influenced the fields of artificial intelligence, machine learning, applied mathematics, neural computation, and observational science.

The system can take any picture of the sky from any source, and instantly identify the location, orientation, and magnification of the image, as well as name each object star, galaxy, nebula it contains.