When meeting with your Director and Second Reader, it is critical to establish expectations for the research and writing process, including deadlines for draft s of your writing to be submitted. A Hydrology Board Game 1: That option will be discussed later in this essay. It could be continued, however, by taking an in-depth look at each institution online or making verbal contact. The second rationale for choosing a Second Reader is most appropriate if you are pursuing an interdisciplinary thesis. To address some of these issues, looking back I realized I used a qualitative approach to answer questions that the data could not tell me. Students can also reserve a classroom in Flynn Hall.

A Case Study in Allendale County The defense is required to be held before the last day of classes. Such items can include but are not limited to: Work on the senior thesis should be conducted during the entirety of your senior year, in consultation with your Thesis Director. Work on the senior thesis should be conducted during the entirety of your senior year.

You may wish to complete your senior thesis with one or more other students.

schc thesis handbook

However, the failure to delve into a requirement that many of us share with different expectations may result in a tradition hanfbook so fast that it could disappear. Kay Banks by email bankshk mailbox. Often, a change in topic necessitates a change in Director, Second Reader or both.

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The purposes of the defense are: You are expected to remain in close contact with your Thesis Director and Second Reader. After your date has been selected, you are responsible for reserving a room for your defense. If you want this to be the enjoyable learning experience it was meant to be, do not procrastinate!


Students who are required by their major department to complete a course equivalent to SCHC Attendance by you, your Thesis Director, and Second Reader is mandatory. Christine Rossi Free School Lunch: If your Director or Second Reader becomes seriously ill or hurt, leaves town, or experiences some other emergency that hinders your ability to complete your thesis, please contact the SCHC Thesis Coordinator as soon as possible.

schc thesis handbook

Andrew Schindler Whatever It Takes: Luke Jennings One for the Books: Both the Second Reader and the Thesis Director are responsible for grading your coursework. University of South Carolina Home. Since thesis defenses are considered public events, it is important to understand that any interested persons may attend, though they may not actively participate in the defense.

Charles Williamson Identity and Suicide: While qualitative research compensates for this weakness, it is criticized for handobok personal interpretations made by the research.

The senior thesis should be something to which you can schv with great pride and satisfaction. In fact, those theses tend to be quite a bit longer than those students writing in math, natural science or pre-professional disciplines. Are we tracking students who drop out of an honors college or program to avoid completing a senior thesis but still persist to graduate, just not with honors?

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Because it is a tradition that is unlike any other…one that I cannot foresee ever giving up. Therefore, it is extremely important that every part of the thesis process, from research to the defense, is timely.


This responsibility is one reason graduate and professional programs, as well as employers, are so impressed by a student who has successfully completed a senior thesis. The Honors College staff and other members of the USC community thezis to be impressed by the amazing and thoughtful projects engineered by Honors students.

schc thesis handbook

This must be submitted in the required format as specified in the Submission Guide. Scenes from a Republic’s Twilight Your Thesis Director should provide guidance in research, establish the criteria for grading, and will be responsible for entering a grade at the conclusion of the project.

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Click here to sign up. You are responsible for scheduling a date and time for your thesis defense.

Habiba Thesiz Intranasal orexin-A administration modulates neuronal expression within the brain stem 4: When writing the itemized budget, it is to your advantage to give a brief explanation of why you need the items in the budget. Hopefully this essay begins the conversation as NCHC establishes its research priorities.

I began to ask questions, not just of our staff, but students currently in the process of writing a thesis.