If ScriptPad has uncovered a promising business opportunity, what environmental trends have made ScriptPad possible? People who build a substantial network of social and professional contacts will be exposed to more opportunities and ideas than people with sparse networks. Once a doctor selects the drug, they can assign a dosage, instructions, and refills. Surprisingly, its primary line of drinks, while healthier than in the past, is not on par with alternatives in its category, at least as far as healthy ingredients go. The most important trends are: On a scale of 1 to 10 10 is high , rate Yammer in terms of the strength of its opportunity.

Produce a reliable and cost- effective solution to the growing problem of counterfeit pharmaceutical products in India and other developing countries. Refers to the strategic. Evaluate Yammer on the four essential qualities of an opportunity. Strength of the Industry The pharmaceutical industry in developing countries is large and growing. Solving a Problem 1 of 2 Sometimes identifying opportunities simply involves noticing a problem and finding a way to solve it.

ScriptPad Prevents Your Doctor’s Bad Penmanship From Killing You – Techli

On what side do you think ScriptPad faces the biggest adoption challenge—the physician side or the pharmacy side? Describe how to use library and Internet research to generate new business ideas. I have also attached two docs from the University Library to include as a reference. Kim and Jay Kleeman, two high school teachers, started Shakespeare Squared, a company that helps high schools comply with the act. There is no clear way for ScriptPad, in its current form, to correct for this type of possibility.

The app is missing a few key features that would enhance the utility for doctors. Political Action and Regulatory Changes 2 of 2 Specific Example The No Child Left Behind Act of requires states to develop criterion-based assessments in basic skills to be periodically given to students in certain grades.


Anyone who has used an iPhone to type a text message knows that autocorrect is there for a reason. ScriptPad allows doctors to use their iPhones to bring up patient records and enter in a prescription for that patient.

Even doctors believe pharmacist prescribing is logical

If you have a specific topic in mind, setting up Google or Yahoo! Printed in the United States of America. The scirptpad is so big and the solution that they offer is pretty tight in my opinion. Company created to help other companies comply with a specific law. The company has a solid product line but knows that to remain competitive it must continue recognizing opportunities for new products and services.

scriptpad case study

Auth with social network: Posted On June 21, Techli team 5. A large number of entrepreneurial firms, like this solar farm, are being launched to solve this problem. Employees using Yammer can discuss ideas, post news, ask questions, and share links and other information.

Finally, this app could be used to generate a massive amount of data for the stduy industry. If so, how could ScriptPad correct for these possibilities? ScriptPad assists doctors to make correct medical prescriptions and to avoid unnecessary callbacks from pharmacists for clarifications.

A product opportunity gap is the gap between what is currently on the scripptpad and the possibility for a new or significantly improved product, service, or business that results from emerging trends. Most people will rank ScriptPad high on each component of an opportunity. Provide an example that was not mentioned in the chapter of a business opportunity that was created in this way.


To protect its ideas, Freedom should obtain intellectual property protection when possible. Yammer provides the employees of a company a secure way to communicate, collaborate, scriptpqd share information.

ScriptPad Prevents Your Doctor’s Bad Penmanship From Killing You

Plus, healthcare IT companies lock large medical networks stdy their systems because they know that the medical system is so bureaucratic, that it is hard to switch software service providers. Avoid making an inadvertent or voluntary disclosure of an idea in a way that forfeits your claim to its exclusive rights.

The way the product was originally positioned, scrjptpad staked up favorably on the four dimensions of an opportunity. Describe the three general approaches entrepreneurs use to identify opportunities.

scriptpad case study

An example is GasBuddy. Understand core mathematical skills for software engineers T Simply browsing through several issues of a trade journal or casse industry report on a topic can spark new ideas.

Topic: ScriptPad (Pharmacists & Doctors) Case Study Assignment

The idea for ScriptPad was born out of the observation that the healthcare industry is getting screwed by enterprise software that is archaic, ugly, and hard to use.

Watching the video as a potential patient of a tech-savvy doctor who ecriptpad use ScriptPad, I have a few concerns. Strength of the Industry The pharmaceutical industry in developing countries is large and growing. There is a confirmation step for doctors, but tired eyes can lead to mistakes.