Those unable to meet this standard will be expected to begin their collegiate world language study as soon as possible after matriculation. The criteria may be evaluated and changed periodically by the Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences. Core — 18 hours; 12 hours must be at honors level. Any committee member may offer feedback, suggestions, and corrections during the defense. To achieve these aims, the college faculty has developed and participates in the College Honors Program and the Departmental Honors Program. An argument must always be supported.

Honors Colloquium — one from each approved area. The Lasting Impact of Your Gifts Student scholarships, endowed chairs, professorships, and new program offerings are positioning us competitively on the national stage. As a natural corollary of their instructional role, faculty members of the college pursue active research programs that enable them simultaneously to provide state-of-the-art education to their students and bring national and international recognition to the university. All students pursuing entrance into the M. Any committee member may offer feedback, suggestions, and corrections during the defense.

Advanced placement by examination. To achieve these aims, the college faculty has developed and participates in the College Honors Program and the Departmental Honors Program. All honors students must have a 3. This program is for highly qualified students with outstanding academic records who may be eligible for early admission to medical school or dental school programs.

senior thesis uark

Honors Thesis U of A Honors College Current Students Honors Thesis The honors thesis is a rewarding capstone experience for students and a gateway to research and other creative work beyond the undergraduate years.

Once your thesis has been written and submitted, you will need to defend it orally before your thesis supervisor, a departmental IS reader, an outside reader not from the International Studies Programand a representative of the Honors Council.


The student may seek the expertise of other committee members as well but the primary responsibility of the additional committee members is on the day of the defense. Course offerings vary each semester. Walton College of Business has grown to become the state’s premier college of business, as well as a nationally competitive business school.

Honors Thesis

Requirements for graduating with honors: For these students, completion of one semester of language study will be considered to satisfy the admission deficiency. Fulbright College offers a Bachelor of Science degree in medical science or medical science dentistry. A student who is granted advanced placement may elect to substitute a more advanced course for the listed required course.

For high-achieving students who exemplify academic excellence, extraordinary leadership potential, and a sense of civic duty to their uaek. We’re here to help. Blockchain Center of Excellence.

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At least one class from Area 5 is required, although not necessarily at the Honors level. The Bachelor of Arts B.

senior thesis uark

Formal application for the degree should be made thesls the Registrar. Any World Language Literature Course. Honors Colloquium — one from each approved area. Core — 27 hours; 15 hours must be at honors level.

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Students should review individual departmental requirements to verify if a higher percentage is required uxrk their specific major or minor department. The seat of liberal learning within the institution and the state, it is committed to providing excellent general education to theiss members of the student body and specialized instruction of the highest quality to its own majors.


In addition, students are expected to present two units years of a single modern or ancient world language.

The minimum requirements for admission to most dental schools can be met at the University of Arkansas by completing the following courses: Learn about product planning, distribution, promotion, and pricing strategies. Download PDF of this page. Fulbright College social media feeds.

Honors Thesis & Defense

Prerequisites include 45 credit hours, a cumulative GPA of 2. Students in Fulbright College may aspire to membership in the following organizations: You will thus want to make sure it is your highest quality work. Students intending to obtain teacher licensure in Art or Music will follow the education requirements set forth in the Bachelor of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Music degrees, respectively. Connect with us on Facebookand follow us on Instagram and Twitter. If that program is elected, the student should complete all of the basic University and college requirements for graduation during residence on the UA campus.

Requiring a minimum length of 50 pages will ensure that you approach your thesis with the necessary research depth and expertise to warrant Honors designation; suggesting that you cover no more than pages will senilr you to write efficiently and make your argument in an effective and succinct manner if you would otherwise go beyond this.