For full credit, your work should include: According to your performance on these retests, ALEKS my remove topics from the list of those you have mastered. Create your own practice exam by handwriting solutions to select WebAssign homework problems, to be graded in the Notebook Checks. The Developmental Mathematics Program The Developmental Program is designed for students who desire to improve their mathematics skills in Arithmetic, Prealgebra, Algebra, and Geometry. Applications to business and economics. Actuarial science takes mathematics and statistics and applies them to finance and insurance.

In addition to the points for in-class participation, students will receive part of the Activity Participation grade for select group assignments, completed in teams, working outside of class. Practices Tests are due at the beginning of class, the meeting before a midterm exam. The dark yellow header-boxes are links. Due in Activity, Week 4: Use the url http: Here is a list of places you can get tutoring for Math

You will see the current due dates in the Assignments List when you log in to WebAssign.


Complete the WebAssign assignments to stay caught up in Math Excel Group Projects Mark your calendars for the mandatory in-class group meetingsin your activity during the week after each exam. Label your work with the assignment and problem number, for easy reference. WebAssign After you have registered with WebAssign, access your homework at http: Contact Florence Newberger at florence.


social homework csulb math 115

The Activity session is designed to give you the opportunity to discuss Business Calculus with your peers and instructor, guided by exercises designed to support your efforts when you study and work on homework.

Bring your lecture notes and the most current off-line homework packet to your activity class and be ready to work on some of these exercises during activity session. Download the Math Calendar. The amount of work to be completed depends on how familiar you are with the precalculus algebra content.

A complete and correct solution, using correct mathematical notation and English grammar, and A sentence summarizing the result and units with any numerical answer word problems only.

Week 12 Handout – Worksheet to be completed in class. In a large lecture environment, it is your responsibility to get help when you need it.

Results have been applied to areas such as cellular neurobiology, epidemic modelling, and population genetics. Material covered in lecture and problems selected from online homework. Supplementary Instruction Led by undergraduate students who are trained in mathematics mtah knowledge and study skills. Notebook Grades Notebooks are worth course credit.

In addition to working in the tutoring lab LA for 10 hours a week, she will be holding office hours for our class.

social homework csulb math 115

When you use up, say, 10 tries, consider asking for help. ALEKS runs the most efficiently with its plugin. This course is essential for those students planning to study Mathematics G Calculus 1.


Grace period We understand that sometimes issues may arise that prevent you from cshlb a deadline.

The practice test is due at the beginning of class, the meeting prior to our exam. Use the url http: Week 2Week 3Week 4. Major Total; GE Pattern: You must show your work on the practice test to be eligible for full credit. Week 7 Handout – Worksheet to be maath in class. You complete your group projects outside of class. During these meetings you will. Off-line Homework Download your off-line homework here.

Jen-Mei Chang’s MATH class materials

This assignment is to keep a notebook with your Business Calculus materials organized, complete, and easy to access. Notebooks The many components of this course combined to give you an experience of listening to, reading, writing, and discussing approaches and solutions to Business Calculus problems.

Work with the help of your peers and instructors prepare yourself to work independently outside of class. For full credit, you should complete the following:.