See example in Appendix M. The same font type should be used throughout the thesis. Submit the final version of the thesis for definitive assessment by the supervisor first assessor and the second assessor. The files should be named as follows: Table of contents with page reference:

The list should be written similar as the List of Tables. Title of the thesis. The text must be printed on one side only. The abstract can be written using single or one and a half spacing. Title of the patent. The pre-access file should include all the preliminary pages and the first ten pages of the introduction as arranged in the bound thesis. See example in Appendix M.

Pengisi Sekam ke Dalam Kontena Penyimpan: Retrieved on date, year, from URL address of the patent database.

sps utm thesis format

The lack of any significant formal course work within our Ph. For illustrations other than above, please refer to the following guidelines; i Photographs Photographs should be digitally embedded in the text unless absolutely impossible.

Title of Journal, Volume, page.


sps utm thesis format

Thesis Writing Guide With this implementation, UTM hopes to be projected as a leading university in research and graduate studies. Name of newspaper, page. Orthogonal least square OLSa gradient descent method was used as the benchmark wps the proposed algorithm. They should be arranged fformat one of the methods discussed in Chapter 3.

Subsequent cited references should be given consecutive numbers. Title of the article. Comparison of exprimental and computer simulation results Experiment Computer Simulation Distance Ratio mean value mean value 0.

sps utm thesis format

You are commenting using your Google account. These sections must be given appropriate titles and numbered. These are arranged as in Table 1.

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Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Bachelor Degree Project Report A report submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the award of the degree of Bachelor of Rosmawati MionJune The list should be written similar as the List of Tables. ETD must be submitted using high quality CD. Footnotes are used to elaborate or provide additional information regarding matters discussed in that page.


Bachelor Theiss Project Report: It should list all sections, chapters and sub-headings.

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The abstract can be written using single or one and a half spacing. Name of the conference.

Title of the patent. Two files must be generated.

Librarians at UTM, Cardiff University of Wales and the National University of Singapore also deserve special thanks for their assistance in supplying the relevant literatures. If the caption is written in a single line, it should be centred. Make good, clear agreements with the supervisor and draw up a timetable.

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They are listed in the following order: List the references alphabetically. You are commenting using your Twitter account. American Chemical Society ed. Number of copies to be print: