With you riding on the Golem, jump to the switch and the gate will open. Defeat it and it might drop ‘Ryuu’ Burisugoa: Must obtained the two slates in Act 6 and 7 – Speak with Worel couples times after the Gate Of Reincarnation is destroyed Exit out this place and return to Alespa Street. Head toward and enter “White Night” HQ for scenes. Continue on and once you make it to the top, time for the final fights of the game. But this time, we will start from the entrance side. Still, use Ainna and use Clock Rabbi to fasten yourself.

But to move on, use these directions: He will chase you all the time. When that happens, forget about attacking and run along the edge of the battle field in circle, then Exena’s next attack should be a big area attack which is still pretty easy to avoid as long as you know where it shows up and run away as far as you can. Anyway, you can explore as much as you wish, to advance, make your way to NW. Use Kobaldia with Leonus. As to E-Mail me, do have a clear title. She just get stronger and maybe more HPs.

Then continue to go right. With a bit healings, and especially using that summon, Holy Mother Plahma, plus switch when you need to, you should be fine.

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Forgot your username or password? You will get to an area blocked by webs.


summon night ex thesis yoake no tsubasa

Hole Tete in Beast Forest Ri: Souharyuu Burisugoa Paired Conquering Dragons Blisgoa Souharyuu Burisugoa, Sou: Then after up and pass few areas, you will get to that Peel. Once you are ready, go left to the next area then move up for more scenes. I move on from games summin games fast, so keep yourself updated.

It’s the exit side, where you firsy met Piar previously. Eventually, you will get to the Mushrooms Valley, and go through that, you get to Lugant Village.

So, enter the Mystic Forest from the entrance side which is within Beast Forest. Save your game and back track your way to that yellow door.

summon night ex thesis yoake no tsubasa

Jump around like crazy and attack once each time. Enter as many E-Mail addresses as you like separated by “;”. Within the factory, change to Leonus and have him to summon out Elekimedes on the central object.

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My point is, you should be between getting the hang of the language to around nightt fluent. Eventually, you will get to another save point and a warp point.

All of these things, they are nothing but common sense. Check the walkthrough Ennin Orochi, En: Ultimately, it is your choice that you pick the US version over the Japanese version, so it is not my concern, thus don’t whine to me about difference you see. To advance, take summom teleporter. It can not be used for profitable, commericial or promotional purposes.


You would get to an Item Box. Clear the 6 flower buds to the right and left, then take out those two large flowers to the left and right.

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But, just attack once and run, repeat. It is for private and personal use only. You won’t be able to move on, yoakee return to Lugant Village. Avoid more often and you should be fine with it.

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Item Box in Abandoned Factory Ku: Once the ice field is gone, check the two swords at north. Since it is intended to be free, you can not sell it, you can not give it away as prize, bonus or promotion. That will light up the room. Make your way to that dark room from before. Item Box in Steel Canyon De: