Passing the tests ensure that you will be fully confident and competent during the real thing, avoiding embarrassment for you and your prospective employer in the future. Please note that I am not suggesting that test subjects should be expected to identify informal fallacies by name, only that subjects should be tested on their ability to recognize that an argument in question is fallacious; e. Developing Critical Thinking with Debate: This feedback may point out the strong and weak areas of your test, thus providing you inputs on how to improve your performance in the tests. Your Personalised Training Training History. Moreover, for CT skills to be domain specific, there must be specific domains, each with their own CT skills, none of which are transferable.

After choosing a convenient date from the options offered to you by Deloitte, you will typically have less than one weeks to prepare. This indicates that the authors of the W-G are themselves guilty of misapplying the standards of deductive reasoning to the inductive argument involving 1. Once again, the ambiguity is resolved by a parenthetical remark, in the third paragraph of the directions: And, even using solely a utilitarian calculus as directed, it is not obvious that taxation for the purpose of such a subsidy program maximizes the general welfare, especially given the premise that the tax burden is too heavy already. Successful Applicant will receive Deloitte job offer. The specifics of them depend on your specific service line.

As a result, it provides at most an installment in arguing for overall validity.

Second, adopting the required utilitarian point of view narrows the criteria by which one is to judge the strength of the arguments. And I think that is the case here. The Bar Course Aptitude Ttalentlens. But, if one believed that there were other means of controlling inflation that did not interfere with liberties to this extent, one would reasonably construe this as a weak argument.


The stage two of the selection process is undertaking numerical, critical thinking and verbal reasoning tests created by TalentLens. I find no mention of such a study anywhere; so let me enlist in that army thihking now and begin that study.

Deloitte Critical Thinking Test Results: It should be noted that the W-G has long been characterized and criticized as being focused on only deductive reasoning while omitting inductive reasoning—e. Reflections on Teaching Critical Thinking.

talentlens critical thinking test answers

Getting hired by the best companies is a long and hard journey as they make sure to add multiple steps to remove undesirable candidates and narrow their selection down as much as possible so that the ones left are the ones needed.

Hence, inferences are neither true nor false; they are valid or ansqers, justified or unjustified, but not true or false.

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Does it follow that some musicians who spend long hours practicing enjoy classical music? Arguments are either valid or invalid, cogent or not cogent, strong or weak. The problem is to judge whether or not each of the proposed conclusions logically follows beyond a reasonable doubt from the information given in the paragraph.

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How to Pass TalentLens Aptitude Tests?

Passing TalentLens Aptitude Tests If you have been asked to appear in a TalentLens aptitude test, a few considerations may help you improve your performance, as mentioned below: It is advised to apply early to avoid disappointment as all applications received post tfst would be an automatic rejection. Midwest Publications Critical Thinking Press.

talentlens critical thinking test answers

The majority of students had not previously discussed the conference topics in their schools. The specifics of them depend on your specific service line. The Critical Thinking tests usually come after the numerical reasoning tests and consist of a series of statements that you must understand from various perspectives, and make opinion and answres basing range of formats.


talentlens critical thinking test answers

Each of these tests might have questions from different areas depending on the job position. An argument is weak if it is not directly related to the question even though it may be of great general importanceor if it is of minor importance, or if it is related only to trivial aspects of the question.

World-wide, professional hiring and development services place a great deal of trust in the W-G e.

That should not happen. The problem then is to decide whether it is a strong or a weak argument…. Remember me on this computer. Fortunately, Watson and Glaser kept a tighter rein on their concept of Talenlens, which involves three things: If his account of CT were correct, one could not use CT to reason to any positive conclusion about what one ought to believe.

Why Teach Critical Thinking.

Deloitte Critical Thinking Test: Pass at Your First Attempt

In talnetlens part you are expected to demonstrate your creativity, problem solving and analysis skills. If you make it through to the assessment centre stage, which comes later in the job application process, you may have to resit this test. By Maryam Danaye Tous. The test directions explicitly disambiguate this issue for whether the assumption is not made—it is when the assumption is not necessarily taken for granted.

The TalentLens aptitude tests may be administered online or in print formats.