As your finance specialist we are here to help you explore solutions suitable for your personal situation. Take the time to collate all of your important documents, including: We often meet people who are hooked on the good life: Creating a budget and deciding how much needs to be allocated to savings can change the way you view the money you have available to spend. What wonderful memories that often creates… So how is the credit card balance looking? First home buyers FHBs often find themselves dealing with financial and legal processes outside their experience to date.

As your finance specialist we can assist you to find finance and a loan structure suitable for your particular situation. It could be either a set rate or a percentage of the total sale. If not, close it. If you are a home owner your home loan usually has the lowest interest rate. After five years, with no overseas holidays, they bought a four bedroom, two story-house.

Cancel unnecessary credit cards and store cards to consolidate your credit card debt.

Set incremental savings goals… Decide some savings goals that are both short and long term. With loan pre-approval and your legal matters sorted you will be ready to act and make an offer when that right property comes along! There were no people! If you have had plenty of practice stretching your dollar further and living within your means, you might already have what it takes! The costs of holding a property may include: Do you really need more than one credit card if it is directly impacting your borrowing capacity?


A balance transfer should NOT be used habitually to manage recurring periods of debt! Using an offset account effectively will depend on whether your first property is an investment property or your home.

It also raises the question: Why should you have this? Extensive research and property inspections are crucial to familiarise yourself with what is available in your price range.

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If you are eligible for the FHOG you should take advantage of it. Reduce the ttelstra of your cards to the minimum practical amount for your personal situation.

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Radhika took a job at a university, and Aman started working in IT. What wonderful memories that often creates… So how is the credit card balance looking? While there are obvious essy to society of care and disability support, an often less talked about effect is the possible financial ramifications for both the dementia patient and their family.

telstra easy share business plan $135

They believe their story proves that, despite the intimidating cost of properties on the market, Australia is still the land of opportunity for any new family. It can dramatically change the way you perceive telstr finances. Try to use cash and NOT credit cards. Refinancing and releasing equity? From pushing supermarket trollies to owning half-a-dozen properties — all without a dime of family support.

The summer holiday season may leave many of us with a warm glow from indulging our loved ones and perhaps even enjoying a relaxing summer holiday?

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Beware of the costs! Vodafone, meanwhile, bundles a Spotify subscription on its plans. Try our six savings tips! It could be either a set rate or a percentage of the total sale. If renovating an investment property with a view to making a quick profit, the renovation costs should be added as well as other holding bussiness.


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Without this in place a court may need to appoint a person to take care of you. Some states offer concessions or bonuses under certain conditions. At a time in their lives when baby boomers might expect to be enjoying financial security and leisure time they are likely to have busines demands on their financial and other resources. A potential profit figure based on current market values might seem tempting but when you add bhsiness the costs associated with buying, holding AND selling over the short term versus the long term, that potential profit margin may not seem so appealing.

Stamp duty Stamp duty is a bbusiness government tax on the transfer of land or sale of property. A re you looking to enter the property market or upgrade your existing home but it seems just out of your reach? Nobody has a crystal ball to predict what may happen in the future.