Its origin owed to various key movements. The Brand department of AFBL contributes intensive effort regarding the brand building of the products. They all are short term therapy with goals. ACI employees are proud of their work culture, business ethics and environmental consciousness. Within the target group the media which communicates with them the most is Television Advertisements and radio and billboards communicate in a smaller scale. To encourage private companies into CSR efforts, the government had earlier approved tax exemption facility at the rate of 10 percent on part of the corporate income to be spent asCSR. It is used to check the suitability of cotton from each bale, and according to the results, the bale would either be accepted or rejected.

Follow-up visits will not require additional spending. Foreign investors have shown keen interest in joining with us for joint ventures. The factory building is situated on 45 acres of lands with provision for further expansion. Frequent samples are taken and tested meticulously at the quality assurance laboratory. It is equipped with a single head finisher draw frame with auto-leveler and a computerized control system. From being merely a jute trading business in the s, Akij Group has become one of the largest corporations in Bangladesh.

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The sliver for the ring spinning goes through E62 combing, RSB-D30 drawing and Zinser roving frame and then to one of the 32, spindles present in the Unit. Only then it can remain in the position it is in now. The Brand is also associated with the sport xkij in our country. The distribution system is capable of handling continuing volume of diverse range of products from the various businesses.


Technology also builds competitive barriers against rivals New Products New products can help Partex group to expand their business and diversity their customer base. It seems that some remote area depots like Maijdee, Sreemongol etc are not developing a sales plan to help manage the sales team. Currently, the hospital deals with 30 deliveries and treats 1, outpatients a day on average. All employees are regularly assessed by their superiors, resulting in additional training, transfers and promotions.

Brand wise marketing strategies of AFBL’s products are analyzed below: They offer discount and gifts with on purchase during Eid, Puga, Partex also takes place in the fairs like trade fairs for advertising and sales promotion that helps them to increase their sales. The idea was quite speculating and customers readily accepted in the market. Create more attractive o to the customer.

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List all four c. The combination of this advanced function and multidimensional capabilities made it possible to handle hundreds of products efficiently. But when away from home they buy ppaer drinking water. Provide more promotional campaign of the product.

ACI values are embodied in its vision and mission statements. It has been observed that depots of ACI Limited are selling zkij goods both in cash and credit. The buyers will be more inclined to buy more water due to this reduced price.

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Sociology is a social science view of society. When someone buys a half litre bottle of MUM he loses the chance ter, buy something else for that price, say a bar of chocolate that costs roughly the same.


Among them some divisions are related with business and some are are supporting divisions.

Strong, akiij company with an attractive dividend yield. With all the dealers dealing is done in credit. Thus this tradeoff is good for all parties concerned.

term paper on akij group

The purity of the brand was projected by the promotional idea of when consumers drink Frutika they tend to speak the truth. But, regardless of where the water is flowing from, is privy to all the testing from the agencies.

Company overview of partex ltd.

The hospital, a philanthropic venture of corporate giant Akij Group, is poised for expansion to provide low-cost medical services to the poor. To compare them in turns of productivity we will have to have a deeper view into the purification process of both.

term paper on akij group

CLEMON ajij and promotes Bangladesh Cricket by developing a cricket team that plays division qualifying cricket games in our country. AFBL economic ;aper is balanced rather than the other competitor. The Ulster Classimat software enables online control of the yarn. Focke Hinge Lid Packers are used for packing cigarettes. Partex Beverage some time use push process to forecast the customer demand in the present market. Continuous development is an outstanding aspect of this textile mills.

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