Building customer loyalty is a cost-effective strategy to grow the business. The advantages of the used research methods can be shown as follow-. Level of satisfaction with price of product at Tesco plc, UK. Social Harm or Crime? The researcher has divided primary findings and their analysis into two parts- research findings from the semi-structured interviews and their analysis; and research findings from the questionnaire survey and their analysis.

Club card , the use of advanced technologies for the customers, the nature of customer service and customer relationship management etc. They do the right things, in the right time to their customers that what they need and also understand the customers well. As an example, Blokdijk has mentioned that quality of product with better service can create customer loyalty. Your email address will not be published. They also mentioned that improving customer satisfaction index can be a core measure, alongside sales targets and profitability.

The discussion and explanation of the secondary research findings can be represent as follows. In this case, the researcher act as objective and analyst and work independently.

Tesco is a customer-orientated business.

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So, the ethical issues were one the major limitations to collect relevant data and information on the relationships between customer satisfaction and customer loyalty at Tesco plc. Thus, it can be said that customer satisfaction is closely related with the customer loyalty.

So, the critical evaluation of CRM to increase customer satisfaction in an organization, like Tesco plc, UK can be regard as future research project. Primary data has been collected through conducting semi-structured interviews and questionnaire survey from the case studied organization.

The interviews results showed that all of the interviewees i.

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Definition and explanation of clubcardd satisfaction: They also mentioned that improving customer satisfaction index can be a core measure, alongside sales targets and profitability.

Moreover, Macauley ; Galvan ; Hart and Bruce added that a literature review may constitute an essential chapter of a dissertation for the purpose of: Major factors affecting customer loyalty, including trust, commitment, communication and conflict handling etc.


The survey results tesvo denoted that the case studied organization is experiencing different aged customers. While collecting primary data from the case studied organization through interview and survey, the researcher has found that there are several factors that can affect customer satisfaction and customer loyalty within an organization. Discussion and explanation of research philosophy.

Critical analysis of customer satisfaction and loyalty (Tesco, UK)

Based on the pragmatism, the research question has key role within the research project as well as the research is based on the clubcwrd outcomes. The research is conducted based on secondary data. According to Lawfercustomer loyalty is a response to how a business presents its products and services and described that customer loyalty is an approach that depends on personal view and opinion and there is no particular disesrtation for which the customer make purchase again and again from a business.

Research findings from document review and analysis of the case studied organization. The researcher has to consider some of the common things within the data collection methods, including, access to the case studied organization, primary data collection methods, secondary data collection methods, dissrrtation to the sample and sampling strategy, data analysis tools and techniques, data presentation techniques, advantages and disadvantages of used research methods etc.

However, he stated that a customer may continue to buy from a business because of the relationship that has made diasertation the business and offering products and services according to their demands and expectations.

Customer satisfaction is an overall impression of the customers about products and services that can influenced by type and quality of product, costs, performance, and customer service and complaint management and so on. Shaw and Reed described that customer satisfaction is widely believed to have a sequential structure which impacts on purchasing and therefore loyalty.


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Main theory or focus in relation to customer satisfaction and customer loyalty at Tesco, UK. In conclusion part, the researcher has provided valid conclusions based on the primary and secondary research findings.

tesco clubcard dissertation

According to this model, service quality is evaluated by perceptions of the service delivered only. This research project is based on the very subjective approach, for example, customer satisfaction is virtual things and can differ persons to persons within the similar aspect as well as there was some limitations to complete the lcubcard project.

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The researcher would like to represent the research aim and objectives as follows. Customer loyalty is significantly controlled by the customer satisfaction of Tesco as high level of customer satisfaction produces high level of customer loyalty whereas low level of dissertahion satisfaction reduces customer loyalty.

The measurement of customer satisfaction is becoming vital non-financial measures in recent businesses. Analysis of research findings has vital influence on research project to prepare standard research report with valid conclusions and recommendations.

Moreover, the Team Leader has described that the CRM helps the organization to explore and identify the needs, demands and expectations of c,ubcard customer to the organization e. It may require skills and experiences to conduct interview.

The aim of this dissertation is to evaluate the customer loyalty in TESCO and its customer loyalty program. The frequency of shopping can be used as one of the effective tools that can be used to measure the behavioural loyalty of a customer.