When Brother offers to help Too Tall In addition to Bears, Thanksgiving All Around features all sorts of animals, like a woodchuck, kittens, turkeys, and more. Here are our picks for the books most suited to the long, hot days of the next three months. We hope you and you and your family have a happy Thanksgiving! Visit your local library for the Berenstain Bears books.

One of the songs in this scene is actually a rap where Brother Bear and Sister Bear rap about their messy room and what toys they have. Season 3 Episodes See All. Papa deals with a stump in the garden while the cubs try to outwit the birds that are attracted to their scarecrow. Summer is right around the corner! Print on a heavier paper like card stock, and follow the directions also included below. For more information, to contribute to the Foundation, or to explore other ways to partner with the Foundation in its work, please visit our website or contact us at: Bolstered by this, Sister makes her pony wish come true by making a deal with Farmer Ben to help him pick his peas in exchange for being allowed to spend time with his retired farm horse, Princess.

Photos from the individual The Berenstain Bears episodes are listed along with the The Berenstain Bears episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode.

the berenstain bears homework hassle full episode

The Berenstain Bears and the Spooky Shadows. Back home, Papa teaches the cubs how to build a kite. Brother tries to reassure her, and Mama reminds her that she was just as scared when she started kindergarten—and bsrenstain turned out fine. But what starts as a peaceful gathering of Bear Country neighbors and their animal friends on the lawn of the Chapel—including dogs, cats, rats, goats, and even a snake or two—ends up needing a little heavenly intervention.


She got her special birthday gift because she’d been so helpful around the house, and she got her better math mark because she studied really hard for the quiz. Craft a super hero outfit perfect for your little one with some tights, unitard, and some felt masks and personalized symbols! In addition to Bears, Thanksgiving All Around features all sorts of animals, like a woodchuck, kittens, turkeys, and more.

I showed up at the U. When Brother offers to help Too Tall The Berenstain Bears Pet Rescue. We especially love hearing stories of parents passing down their favorite books to their kids, and even grand-kids!

the berenstain bears homework hassle full episode

Below are some of the animals featured and their real life counterparts. Leave a comment Posted on March 9, June 1, Uncategorized.

Leave a comment Posted on December 3, December 4, Uncategorized. When Mama decides to open her own quilt shop, Papa and the cubs worry more about how they’ll manage around the house than about supporting her new project. His art recording operations on war wounds was breenstain to the Army Museum in The decisions about which ones to include was based on what would work with the flap book format.

the berenstain bears homework hassle full episode

We hope you have a fabulous holiday season full of special times with friends, family, and of course a good book! Leave a comment Posted on January 5, January 5, Uncategorized. But berensain messy cabin, noisy animals, a swarm of mosquitos, and a rainstorm just might dampen all of their fun. On their way home Papa and Small Bear buy some honey at the honey store, which was what Mama wanted them to do in the first place.

But when Brother goes to get something Now that you have your decorations ready its time for some Holiday themed treats! Select words that are repeated many times in the script.


Flash player — Use Internet Explorer. From the Lakota Language Consortium: Yes, playing a bear who is so much human was a little bit of a challenge!

The Berenstain Bears: Slumber Party/Homework Hassle Full Episode | TV Guide

Probably the most epic part of the scene though involved a closet that Brother Bear Joey Anchondo and I had to strategically place all of the toys into so that when Mama Bear Chrissy Hartzell opened the door of the closet, a lever was pulled so the toys would all fall on top of her.

The book takes place, of course, in November. Home from school for a few days with the flu, Brother neglects his homework and gets a 0 on his math test, then doesn’t know how to break the bad news to Mama and Papa. The Berenstain Bears episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates.

The Berenstain Bears: Go to School/Week at Grandma’s – Ep.3

Showing a father as error-prone and fallible is hilarious to young children due to its incongruity—its turning-reality-on-its-head quality.

Many of our younger fans are familiar with our Television Series on PBS, but did you know the Bears have been on the small screen since ?

The Berenstain Bears Get the Scaredies. To find out more, including how epusode control cookies, see here: A good idea is worth revisiting, and two of our upcoming books — The Berenstain Bears Patience Please!