Page 20 of Very happy too that my work seems to glide in a groove we share. The time now is Turntables and Vinyl Discuss all facets of vinyl, including players, stylii, care and maintenance, and of course Wave Kinetics NVS 1. Interesting links are bound to be posted with recognition going mainly to those who submit. There’s one here you won’t believe, do I hear Lirpa Labs?

Wave Kinetics NVS 2. Last edited by stuartypoorty; at Originally Posted by stuartypoorty. The mid-range Lysithea boasts pretty much the same features like its smaller sibling but in a more complex design, targeted at more discerning audiophiles willing to spend some more bucks for even more class. Too cool you found me. Your work is on my radar since you are on the tube.

New Thesis Audio Turntables. Oracle What better way to continue the turntable gallery thread than introduce the first new deck of Originally Posted by stuartypoorty The new T10 player from Hanss Acoustics, a radical change of design, very conservative compared to their other tables.

Too cool you found me. Phono 5 A new design called the Phono A new design called the Thsis Image courtesy of www.

Sota Worthy of a quote in “The Sopranos” no less and featuring in “House”, Sota have an impressive line up of decks. Wave Kinetics NVS 1. The debatable lands Posts: Attached Images Thesis Audio Himalia.


Attached Images D1 Dalia. Attached Images Unknown TT. A wealthy music lover, who posts on a himslia of fora replaced three 3 tables with this design.

thesis audio himalia

Wave Kinetics NVS 3. Townshend Audio The Rock 7 model yimalia Townshend Audio, these designs have a fairly long lineage appearing in the early s and being refined ever since. Usually, they are seen with Reed tonarms.

thesis audio himalia

Attached Images Oracle Paris. Feel totally free to use any content you can grab on the net you think is good for you and promote the idea that recorded and played back arts still and will depends on microphones, speakers and pretty much all the stuff in the middle.


New Thesis Audio Turntables. Don’t Wanna Know Their Price

The three-point suspension is backed by semi-rigid coupling for incredible isolation and resonance damping, offering great playback with absolutely no interference and also allowing for almost any custom tonearm to be installed.

Your work is on my radar since you are on the tube. Unlike the other two models, the Amalthea comes with a non-resonant stone sub-chassis for better stability and increased rigidity of the whole assembly. Originally Posted by stuartypoorty Got a spare bag of cement lying around?

Receivers, Amps, and Preamps – Solid-State. The high-class, flagship unit in the Thesis Audio series is the new Amalthea, a turntable whose producers claim it’s one of the best in the world. All times are GMT The entry-level Himalia comes with an aluminium alloy support with cut-outs capable to accommodate any type of tonearm, a separate high-torque motor, aluminium alloy clamp and a stone plinth with three-point support.


All three new Thesis Audio turntables come with large and almost enormous ultra-thick platters with a concave shape for a better contact with the vinyl record and the tonearm.

thesis audio himalia

Attached Images DIY 1. While these new models sport very precise mechanisms, each comes with stone plinths for increased resonance damping and improved stability.

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