The students in the helicopter are very curious about Tatsuya’s magic, which healed Kei and Kirihara’s wounds. Chiaki admits to working against Tatsuya personally, passionately believing that he is responsible for Kobayakawa’s accident during the Mirage Bat event of the Nine Schools Competition. Mari introduces Tatsuya to the other members of the Public Morals Committee, who note the fact that he’s a Course 2 student, but warmly welcome him on learning of his victory over the previously undefeated Hanzo. The head of the kenjutsu club, who combines magic with swordplay, forces Sayaka Mibu, a member of the kendo club and Weed, to spar. In another group, while they were escaping, an ambush attack causes Kirihara’s leg to be blown off and Kei pierced by shrapnel while protecting their girlfriend. Some manage to escape to the camouflaged ship, though.

Further questioning revealed that Sekimoto was operating against the Magic Thesis team under mind control by an adversary organization. TV block on Saturdays, Following his feats in the Nine Schools Competition, Tatsuya is scouted to participate in another important event, the “Magic Thesis Competition” and his team has only eleven days left to produce the applicable material before the deadline. The episode ends, with Maya Yotsuba inviting Kazama and the Shiba siblings to visit her on the same day, while Tatsuya hugs Miyuki, on his return. The series uses four pieces of theme music:

To his dismay, Mari informs Tatsuya that Shun Morisaki, the Course 1 student who maouka the altercation on their first day, is also joining mahoka Committee on a faculty recommendation.

The Nine Schools Competition proceeds without further incident until the 1st High School Monolith Code’s junior participants get seriously injured due to foul play. Retrieved February 1, Saegusa, Watanabe, and Tatsuya go to the detention facility and elicit a confession from Sekimoto on his intention and unsuccessful attempt to steal the Magic Thesis project data and locate the relic.

The Student Council and Public Morals Committee defeat the terrorists and find out that the attack was merely a cover for an information raid on the school’s computer library. Cardinal George congratulates Tatsuya backstage yhesis claims that his school will defeat them.


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The inter-school sporting competiition known as the “Nine Schools Competition” is compettition around the corner, and Tatsuya, in recognition of his superior magic-tuning skills, is named to the engineering squad, over the objections of a number of Course 1 students. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Despite a number of traps, the students are competiiton to subdue the terrorists with no apparent injuries. Hanzo reprimands her for her seeming bias towards her brother which causes Tatsuya to challenge him to a magic duel.

However, he uses his self-restoration to recover his injuries and while Masaki’s still in trance, Tatsuya incapacitates him with a point-blank range magic. Debating the school’s position by herself, she is about to arrange a compromise with the Weeds when the school gets suddenly attacked by terrorists. Tatsuya rejects Sayaka’s offer and a group of Weeds led by her lock themselves in the broadcast room, creating a commotion thezis school.

Retrieved March 30, Retrieved from ” https: Tatsuya steps in and arrests him but is assaulted by the rest of the kenjutsu club who refuse to acknowledge his authority just because he is a Weed.

Tatsuya & friends kill terrorists during Thesis Competition attack

His first taste of action involves a confrontation between the kendo club and kenjutsu club. Ichihara visits Chioda and manipulates her to hold onto her feelings of bitterness for Tatsuya, believing that her capabilities will be important for 1st High future. Asuza casts a charm to calm everyone in the hall, and the evacuation begins to an underground shelter via an emergency underground tunnel.

Retrieved January 4, Armed assailants assault the main hall, but are easily countered by Tatsuya after he inspires the other students to fight back.

thesis competition mahouka

Erika and Leo take a day off together to competitoin Leo how to use lethal magic, with Erika believing that the conflict will more likely escalate to kill or be killed. Miyuki requests her brother’s permission to use Taurus Silver’s fly magic sequence and wins the event with no critical mistakes.


The students in the helicopter are very curious about Tatsuya’s magic, which healed Kei and Kirihara’s wounds. At the convention, Juumonji elects to increase security and have all Joint Security Force members wear a bulletproof vest. Crimson Prince brutally kills the terrorists while his allies prepare a bus for their escape aboveground.

Tatsuya, Miyuki, and Katsuto Jyumonji act to prevent the car from ramming into the bus. The episode ends, with Maya Yotsuba inviting Kazama and the Shiba siblings to visit her on the same day, while Tatsuya hugs Miyuki, on his return. The anime is produced by Madhouse and directed by Manabu Ono, along with original character designs by Kana Ishida and soundtrack music by Taku Iwasaki.

thesis competition mahouka

Tatsuya and his friends storm Blanche’s hideout where they confront the group’s leader, who confirms that he had manipulated Sayaka’s memory to attack the school. After school, Tatsuya surprises his sister when he presents her with a magic tool he developed that allows a person to fly, a feat that no one has never done before.

JSTthe premiere technically occurred on Sunday, April 6, One of Tatsuya’s team member Mari Watanabe is involved in a serious accident during the competition and the other students increase their vigilance after Saegusa, Mayumi, and Tatsuya reveal that she was actually a victim of sabotage.

Making a critical mistake, Masaki breaks the rules by accidentally using a lethal attack on Tatsuya. Mayumi and Shizuku call their fathers to send helicopters to evacuate the personnels who were unable to reach the bunker, and everyone is extracted.