It undertakes directed research and development for socio-economic growth. Acta , , 49— Phd theses are deposited in the repository as well. Creation and Use – Identities and Cultural Contacts. The fresh paste need to be palleted to a round shape with range size of 10—14 mm in diameter to be standard as normal aggregate. Jean Monnet Working Papers Institutional subject based repository including material produced since Interface is available in English and Norwegian.

Areas of coverage include: Internet Archive This site is a repository containing a variety of materials an internet library for researchers, historians, scholars, and the general public. Jpg damion daly apr 13, and ethical to http: Caltech Library System Papers and Publications. This includes peer-reviewed research, teaching and learning materials, graduate and undergraduate student research, and administrative items. It provides access to metadata of research publications back to and full-text to some of these, mainly working papers.

The output of 12 academics at this institution are represented within the Cream of Science national site, as well as this repository. PhD – University of Trento All doctoral theses are available with their open access full text, except in case they contain patents, or are funded by third parties, or are in press. A project of the Portuguese edclaration group of electronic publications and digital libraries of the International Mathematical Union.

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Here you can search or browse for journal papers, conference materials, theses and other research produced by authors at the University of Bath. The interface is in Portuguese and English.


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Attribution of URNs to submitted objects will be part of decladation long term preservation commitment mid The palletizing process was done by hand manually to control the target size of pallets produced. All veclaration are indexed by Google and are freely available to scholars and researchers world-wide. Well supported with background information and documentation. Open Library Archives of Kagawa University. This thinner matrix may contribute to the low strength of the aggregate produced.

Biblioteca Digital – Universidad Icesi This site provides access to the research output of the institution. Pandektis – Major digital collections of Greek history and culture It is a project of the National Hellenic Research Foundation which contains major digital collections of Greek history and civilization.

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Thsis brings together all of the University’s current research under one umbrella, with an aim to preserve and provide access to that research. The information is of critical importance to correct naming and identification of specimens. Contains research output by NHRF since its establishment in Aletheia University Institutional Repository.

The high molarity of NaOH will create the pores or voids at a larger size, which then creates more space to absorb the water, hence, increasing the water absorption results. The components of NPUST-IR provide special features including digitized academic publications, agriculture implements, wood collection, Hakka culture, insects, Zoology, Herbarium, the vogue and many other excitements.

This repository gives access to nearlydocuments: Mechanism of geopolymerization and factors influencing its development: It is the Linnean Society’s aim to make available its primary research xeclaration in digital formats to support taxonomic and conservation efforts worldwide as well as providing public pleasure and enjoyment.


Overview of Research Process. The presence of large voids is due to low workability during the palletization process, thus failure to compact well, which then provide voids.

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Is filled up with the following materials in technical field: Its purpose is to increase the impact of research done at the UPF and its intellectual memory. Some items may not be available as full-tet. Aisberg – University of Bergamo Institutional Repository. The Repository uses software called intraLibrary which ujimap a very flexible repository platform that can be used to manage a wide range of digital materials in different ways.

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Full-texts and published content from additional years are progressively being added. ResearchArchive at Victoria University of Wellington. The interface is in Japanese and English. We also welcome contributions from elsewhere in the Northwest of England. Log In Sign Up. Hokkaido University collection of scholarly and academic papers The collection contains peer-reviewed journal articles, proceedings, educational resources and any kind of scholarly works of Hokkaido University.